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BELIEVE                 IN YOURSELF

Hi, I am Alicia, your energy alignment coach and intuitive energy worker, dedicated to helping you overcome fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs – that stand in your way to explore your true potential. I will help you master your emotions and thoughts so you can master your life.  By working with me, you will have an opportunity to confront your worries, excuses, and patterns of self-sabotage that inhibit you from success in your goals.


You can feel like you're wasting your life away as you wait for the “perfect” moment to act OR establish how to maintain boundaries for how you spend your time and energy.


Alicia is a special person and I highly recommend her.  Her ability to be flexible, up for anything, a leader, and a supporter is unmatched.  I have worked with her for 6 months with one on one coaching and am about to sign up for more. She is inspiring and has a magnetic personality.  You would be lucky to have her on your side as you venture towards transformation. I went through a well rounded transformation that encompassed mental health, joy, fuel for my body, and becoming my best balanced self. 

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