Founder + Reiki Master Alicia Buivis is a free spirited, fun loving soul. She has a mission to help realign oneself through mind, body, and breath connection. She facilitates this through Pilates, bootcamp, yoga, aqua fit, as well as healing modalities and meditation.

She is also is a firm believer in the magic of connection to oneself through prayer, daily rituals and sacred ceremonies. By beginning to heal ourselves not only physically but emotionally, we are able to heal our Earth back to a state of love. As we begin to step into our power lets reflect and ask ourselves

“What are we here to create?”

HER Journey

Alicia began her spiritual journey in the heart of Peru in the Sacred Valley reconnecting with herself through an intensive 300 hour yoga program in July of 2016. She spent weeks studying the Native American Medicine Wheel and shamanic energy healing and even explored Machu Picchu .There was something magical about the lush greenery of the forests. She made 2016 the year of dreams, goals, and achievement after experiencing a two year depression of uncertainty, confusion , and lack of joy. January of 2016 she completed a Pilates training overcoming fear of public speaking and lack of passion in all areas of her life. She endured hard work and developed inner-strength on her path of self love and growth. She moved into a state of acceptance, using ancient healing modalities such as Reiki and shamanism along with working with the Moon. She believes in allowing the beauty of your inner light to transform your life. Through honoring the cycles of life and death we can move into a state of flow for the good/bad, hard/easy, pretty/ugly instead of judgment and resistance.

Her Mission

She is dedicated to inspiring others to transform their life through their willingness  to grow and change. She empathizes with the emotions evoked by the journey of life that we all endure. One thing she has learned along her path is it often thought “,Our greatest struggles we find our true strength.” Which why she is here to support and nurture the inner child in all of us as we return back to a state of fulfillment, love, and trust.