I'm a firm believer in the magic of connection to oneself through prayer, daily rituals and sacred ceremonies. By beginning to heal yourself physically, emotionally and mentally you ultimately come home to harmony in your spiritual health. Returning to a state of love is the solution to your underlining dis"ease" which also manifest as DISEASE. As you  begin to step into our power reflect and ask yourself.


"What do I dare to create from my heart?"

In order for you to achieve success in your goals ones thoughts, beliefs and actions must move in the same direction of your values. 



My mission to help realign oneself through mind, body, soul and nutrition. I am devoted to supporting ambitious individuals in actualizing their dream life in the NOW. I envision a world where self love is first priority and there is more then enough time, resources and abundance for humanity to pursue their heartfelt dreams on purpose. 



I'm an Intuitive Life Coach with a diverse background in the healing arts. In the pursuit of living my dreams, I have since achieved becoming a 600 Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Alliance Certified and Trauma Sensitive Certified for Raising Conscious Kids Instructor , Pilates, Avurveda Clinical Practitioner, Herbalist, Somatic Attachment Therapist & Reiki Master. My main focus is to help my clients understand the importance of alignment, foundation & flow in ones day to day life, on and off the mat. Only YOU can take personal responsibility for your happiness and how you are delegating your time, daily routine and actions.  It was through my personal battle of depression I was able to awaken to forgiveness. Due to trauma at young age, I lashed out on old wounds of anger, was afraid to speak up, people pleased,  felt sadness and loneliness that in return only brought me down the path of despair and cycles of sabotage. Feeling trapped in the mind I knew in my  heart there was another story waiting for my arrival. Through my willingness to take a leap of faith I have since woven a new story of hope, faith and courage. I'm an advocate for self love! I'm a firm believer that love is our greatest gift. Within that love lies an inner strength available to all whose willing to lean into vulnerability. You can live your life in a way that compliments your interests, passions and authentic truth. I am passionate about teaching my clients how to optimize their relationship with time and in return experience more freedom, patience, grace and faith in Gods timing. 


I encourage my clients to open their hearts by using a variety of self-soothing techniques such as yoga, working consciously with the elements, Reiki, nutrition, meditation, sound healing, breath-work, chakra balancing, aromatherapy and EFT-tapping. I made a strong declaration back in 2016 to transform all barriers that stood in between lovingly living my birthright. When we invite transformation to illuminate all parts of ourselves, we begin to meet our needs with acceptance, understanding and nourishment. I support my clients in feeling safe so they may become responsible for how they choose to respond and organize their day to be one of divine flow and alignment to ones higher self. When we return home to the truth that life is happening for me VS. to me, we then begin to let go of old programming due to the victim mindset. Shifting timelines requires compassion, courage, trust, patience and unwavering faith to declare in meeting all parts of YOU. Where there is awareness there is an opportunity for the right attention which leads to the right action. 

There are many reasons that fuel me forward daily when it comes to supporting children, individuals of all ages and families. I feel a strong calling to being a guide to our future generations.  I enjoy sharing the tools of self regulation and emotional freedom to kids & all ages, so they may understand how to truly love, accept and nurture all of their emotions. By the time we turn 2 we hear NO up to 80X more than YES. This can cause underlying fears and anxiety around judgement of being bad, wrong or in trouble throughout the different stages of development.  This creates a ripple effect of how we see ourselves as adults. Learn how to confidently OWN your YES AND NO by listening to the hearts desires. Let go of feeling bad around selecting and choosing your highest excitement.


I found peace in the heart of Peru summer of 2016. I have since reconnected with the beauty of the natural cycles of endings & beginnings. Sitting with Mother Earth’s nourishing medicine ease my mind & body of daily life. Meditation, prayer, ritual & devotion create space for me to be present. Understanding the way of our ancestors invites powerful transformation on all levels. I since have devoted myself to being in service to guiding others on the path to taking responsibility for their own healing journey. It is important that we know that we are not alone, together we can heal.


My playful spirit, intuitive nature & inner child offer warmth. I'm dedicated to supporting others on their path of well-being. Living life fully in these 4 main pillars of,” Health, Wealth, Love & Self Expression,” offer a road map to attain balance. Happiness is a choice we can make for ourselves. Self-love is the best kind of medicine. I provide a safe space to release, surrender, let go or experience bliss, joy & connection by facilitating Ceremonies, Retreats, group coaching and 1:1 private life coaching.

I'm dedicated to inspiring others to transform their lives through their willingness to grow and change. I empathize with the emotions evoked by the journey of life that we all endure. One thing I have learned along my path is it often “, Our greatest struggles we find our true strength.” Which why I'm here to support and nurture the inner child in all of us as we return back to a state of fulfillment, love, and trust.