Author name: Alicia Buivis

A depressed person sitting in the dark

Here Are Six Signs Of Depression Everyone Should Know

While it’s natural to feel gloomy on some days and jovial on others, depression is when a person starts to lose hope altogether. And although not all people with depression are medically termed ill, a vast majority need help such as depression and anxiety counseling services to overcome their state. According to some estimates, nearly ten …

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Language of the heart

Emerald light,Open to love,Courage to care,Honesty to see,Possibility to hear,Emotions to clear,Intuition received,Compassion to give,Acceptance in me. Surrender to tears,Pain-body live free,Prayers of harmony,Willingness to grow,Trust in vulnerability,Inner-Child surfacing,Living life creatively,Passion to be shared,Authentic & pure! Generosity to help,Medicine to forgive,Stillness in breath,Lotus of the heart,Beacon of light,Uplifting connection,Divine support within,Never alone or isolated.


Inner Child Surfacing

Relax into the Lotus of the Heart Center, Yum!!!Souls free-will of ever expanding love,Green luscious hues, Soft whispers of Gaia.Beating womb of thy mother, OM!Interconnectedness above & below.Shining heavenly rays of trust & hope,To have faith in Divine Love & so it’s told!Inner-wisdom of creative truth, Hum-Hum-Hum!Sacred dance of Shakti too! Oh sweet sacred grove. …

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