Join Inspiration Is Life Aug 12-18 2022 located at Hestia Magic for a fun adventure & transformational experience. Explore healthy relationship dynamics as we welcome the whole family to participate at this sacred destination retreat located in Mt.Shasta, CA lush vortexes.

This vacation is all inclusive to anyone who is desiring to join. Embrace reconnecting with your inner child by exploring feeling safe in your self expression with a variety of activities that support in enhancing connection to JOY. Come ready to explore mindful movement, breathing and work with the elements. As adults we get much too serious in every day life and the little things that don't matter. We forget to fall down, laugh and get back up again. Children are such a great examples of what it means to live in the moment. They embrace life to the fullest with a sense of  curiosity, no dream is too big for ones inner child.


This sacred destination vacation will call forth your playful like nature by embracing more being and less doing. Return back to a state of balance within your feminine and masculine energy also known as your yin and yang.  This retreat is a safe space to reconnect to your heartfelt intention.

The dates are from 8-12-8/18 for 6 nights and 7 days. You are welcome to come solo, with your family, best friend or romantic partner. You can stay in a private eco cabin, 22ft or 20ft yurt and glamping sites available.

-What is included-
-Airport transportation round trip
-3 fresh organic, gluten free meals daily
-Morning yoga, meditation, Qigong, Pilates and MORE
-Workshops on healthy relationships, conscious communication, reiki, the importance of massage, aromatherapy, emotional freedom, somatic healing, nutrition, breath-work and dance
-Full Moon Fire Ceremony

-Waterfall hikes, river and lake days
-Cacao Ceremony + Sound bowl healer
-Water Purification Ceremony
-Vision Quest
-Ancestral Healing Ceremony
-Chakra Vortex Hike



Enjoy plenty of time integrating, resting and exploring nature. We are staying on 10 acres with a river on the property and labyrinths. Participate in a group waterfall hike and a lake day. In the evening enjoy yin yoga and reiki before bedtime. Step away from daily grind culture as you discover what it means to live from an embodied space of BEING. It’s essential to pour into your well-being to feel lighter and less stressed. Balance the mind, body and soul by enjoying daily yoga, energetic healing, ceremony, superfood nutrition and activities that enhance connection to your inner-child. This retreat is for those who are desiring support or simply desiring to rest/ restore in coming home to the present moment. To be fully EMBODIED in the NOW, allows one to fully experience a deep relationship with self and others.

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Alicia Buivis has a playful spirit, intuitive nature & radiates an inner child that offers warmth. Her passion is to support those who are seeking to live with self love as the foundation. She believes emotional regulation is the root to fostering trust in ones self. Befriending the emotions allows space for compassionate presence. How people are in relationship with THEMSELVES is often reflected in how they are in relationships with others. Alicia helps those she serves in doing the  inventory around identify their core values,  implement boundaries, address limiting behavioral patterns and beliefs that keep them blocked.  Alicia is a 700 Hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher with an additional background in Yin Yoga, Raising Conscious Kids , Pilates, Ayurveda Medicine, Somatic Attachment Therapy, Mystery School Priestess Codes & is a Reiki Master.  She helps those lead with a heart centered focus on becoming the author of their reality VS. a victim to their past conditioning, fears and tribulations. Every single human deserves to live their passions on purpose wholeheartedly in their - HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE AND SELF EXPRESSION!

" I am most looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing my love for mindfulness and healing." Alicia <3

Ashley Sperber is an intuitive trauma coach that is committed to helping her clients pinpoint the source of their pain using her developed intuition. She then guides them to understanding and healing the trauma that has misshaped the way they experience relationships, especially with the self. As a master practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and MER®, she is able to rewire unconscious beliefs that prevent people from experiencing the love they deserve to have. She also focuses on establishing a secure connection to the body in order to alleviate stored trauma in the central nervous system. Ashley's focus as a trauma-informed coach is to address the unresolved ancestral trauma that has been inherited by her clients. She is of the belief that the suffering of preceding generations will soon end and this collective healing will create more peace for our legacy. 


"Every step is in meditation. Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth and your heart for love.”

Carmela Velarde is a wellness medium, plant medicine devotee and holistic health counselor for the past 20 years. Educating the educators for the past 8 years with nutrition lifestyle coaching, she believes that true vitality comes from clarity and

detoxifying toxicity in relationships, enviroment and in food through gut health. This virgo has always wanted to be a mom and was blessed twice. She serves on the Council for the Million Mom Movement as an activist for clean and green living with a focus on conscious parenting and planetary harmony. She is a licensed massage therapist, reiki master, certified in 5-element qigong, prenatal yoga, kundalini yoga, NLP & is a student of acupuncture and herbology. As a trained singer & dancer since childhood, she’s reveled in teaching children’s musical theater as well as babies and toddlers art and music. Facilitating holistic family retreats integrates all her passions in one space including travel. May we all create a life of sacredness and purity.

Sat nam



PRIVATE ECO CABIN 2K : Sleeps 2-3 people, private bathroom, per person 

20FT YURT: $1800 shared sleeps 3, shared bath house, per person 

22FT MONGOLIAN YURT: $1700 shared sleeps 4, shared bath house, per person ( only 4 spots)

GLAMPING CAMP SITES: $1500 private can sleep up to 2 + 1 small child 

If you come with a family or romantic partner 20% off family or couple, kids welcome to join and encouraged 


Day 1:

Arrival at 4pm 

5:30pm Welcome Dinner & Ice breaker game :) 

7pm Full Moon Fire Ceremony , Crystal Grid and Touch Stone Workshop  led by Alicia 


Day 2 : 

8am Morning Kundalini Yoga led by Carmela + Chakra Meditation led by Ashley /  Kids Mindful Yoga Movement led by Alicia separately 

9am Breakfast 

10:15-1pm Chakra Vortex Hike 


3pm-Water Color Painting Emotional Freedom Workshop led by Ashley

5:00pm Dinner

6:15pm Charades, emotional freedom game led by Alicia prior to bedtime yin yoga + reiki


Day 3:

8am Morning Pilates led by Alicia + Heart Healing Meditation by Ashley  / Kids dance workshop separately led by Carmela 

9am Breakfast 


11-2pm Cacao Ceremony led by Alicia + Sound Healer , during the cacao ceremony we will partake in an intuitive writing workshop with poetry/journaling/drawing

BREAK 2-5pm 

5pm Dinner

6:15-8pm Family Style Cooking Lake Day Picnic Prep + Nutrition Workshop 


Day 4:

8am Morning Partner Yoga, inclusive to everyone joining that morning + Mindful Dance led by Carmela for a movement meditation 

9am Breakfast 

Leave 10:30-3pm Lake Day Picnic + MU Water Blessing Ceremony led by Alicia  ( Picnic lunch at noon) 

BREAK until dinner 

5pm Dinner

6:30-8pm Tribal Dance Workshop led by Ashley prior yin yoga reiki 


Day 5:

8am Vision Quest on property , kids activities and breakfast is separate while the adults go on a vision quest 

9am Kids Breakfast , adults return at 10am for breakfast 

10am KIDS ONLY Carmela takes them on an elemental vision quest on site 


5pm Dinner

6:30-8pm Aromatherapy Workshop led by Ashley +  Massage workshop led by Carmela

 Followed by Conscious talk on romantic intimacy and self love prior to Somatic Meditation led by Alicia ( Meeting your sacred feminine and masculine) 

Day 6:

8am Morning Buti Yoga by Ashley + Mantra Meditation by Alicia, Kids Singing Workshop separately with Carmela 

9am Breakfast 

Leave at 10:30am-12pm WATERFALL HIKE " I SPY" game 

BREAK 12:30-1:15pm 

1:30-3pm Ancestor Grove Ceremony led by Ashley followed by a song circle led by the kids and Carmela

3pm-5pm Break 

5pm Dinner

6:30-8pm Pillow Talk workshop prior to bedtime yin yoga + reiki adults only led by Alicia 


Day 7: 

8am" I am Affirmation"  Vinyasa Yoga led by Alicia + Closing Gratitude Circle

9:30am Breakfast 

11:30am check out 




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