Hello soul tribe I hope all has been well in your life. Mine has been a bit bumpy this last Full Moon cycle but all for the better in order for me to continue to shed light to the old. Affrimations fill me up with nourishment and emotional connection. There are times in our lives where we feel disconnected, misheard, and feel a lack of confidence, love, self-worth and trust. This is totally normal, we are humans who are constantly moving forward on an unknown path towards the next direction we feel guided towards. This week has taught me how to feel my intention emotionally when making a direct statement towards achievement. I am shifting my awareness from the mentality work hard leads to reaping the rewards of my success, to my passion and light are powerful magnets of abundance and opportunity. Throughout my journey I have invoked different affrimations to help support my mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual well-being. Below are 100 affrimations that have been passed down from mentors, awesome book reads and created personally by myself!

ENJOY! Breathe 1,2,3, Connect deeply to your breath and the words you read by allowing yourself to feel what you are reciting :) :) :)!!!!!
  1. “ My health is in my wealth.”

  2. “ I choose love over fear.”

  3. “ I accept instead of resist.”

  4. “ I remember to breathe and receive.”

  5. “ Shedding the old makes space for miracles.”

  6. “ I believe in the infinite possibilities to dream big.”

  7. “ Hard-work breeds long-term success.”

  8. “ I have the power to inspire and create.”

  9. “ I like me, I love me, I accept me.”

  10. “ Forgiveness heals yourself and those around you.”

  11. “ Manifesting a beautiful life is an inside job.”

  12. “ Once must expand their consciousness to evolve.”

  13. “ Trusting in the support of my angels gifts me blessings.”

  14. “ Communication is a two way street.”

  15. “ I speak from a place of power, love and patience.”

  16. “Letting go of the old feels lighter and brighter.”

  17. “ I am a money magnet.”

  18. “I blossom with grace and ease everyday.”

  19. “Rejection is protection.”

  20. “I am patient in the face of adversity.”

  21. “ I am in service to Gaia, I am in service healing your soft green-blue hues.”

  22. “Keep the faith.”

  23. “There is beauty in inner-strength.”

  24. “Gratitude is my kind of attitude.”

  25. “I manifest love, peace and happiness.”

  26. “Acceptance is the way.”

  27. “I am ready to receive.”

  28. “Believing in my self-worth is self love.”

  29. “When I respect my money, My money respects me.”

  30. “Choosing compassion to forgive is freedom.”

  31. “Do what nourishes your Spirit.”

  32. “Embracing new beginnings opens the heart to change.”

  33. “When I heal myself, I heal those around me too.”

  34. “I am safe, I am protected, I am secure.”

  35. “Abundance is my birthright.”

  36. “I attract loving and harmonious relationships.”

  37. “I choose a fresh perspective of luck.”

  38. “Awareness is to transform, grow and evolve.”

  39. “I am Grateful, Loving and Kind.”

  40. “Just for today I am grateful for my many blessings.”

  41. “Just for today I will not worry.”

  42. “Just for today I will not anger.”

  43. “Just for today I will do my work honestly.”

  44. “Just for today I will love myself and others unconditionally.”

  45. “I am strong enough for today.”

  46. “My inner-child needs my love.”

  47. “I am courageous I intend to invoke my heart’s desire one day at time.”

  48. “Abundance is a limitless supply.”

  49. “I remain present of the beauty in everything.”

  50. “Today is a great day.”


  52. “Abundance, Attraction, Appreciation.”

  53. “”I let go of the things I cannot control.”

  54. “Prosperity radiates within me.”

  55. “I attract golden opportunities.”

  56. “I give perfect service for perfect pay.”


  58. “My abundance is in my gratitude.”

  59. “I trust in my truth.”

  60. “I pray before I pay.”

  61. “I receive with an open heart.”

  62. “Beauty blossoms in patience.”

  63. “Peace, Love, Harmony.”

  64. “Divine love within me, Divine love around me, Divine love before me, Divine love above me, Divine love below me.”

  65. “I am a creative creator.”

  66. “I invoke my hearts desires.”

  67. “My power lies not on the surface but within.”

  68. “I speak my truth from a place of conviction.”

  69. “I am deeply rooted to Gaia.”

  70. “I attract passion, goals and dreams.”

  71. “The friendly people find the friendly people.”

  72. “Loving yourself first is selfless.”

  73. “I feel from a place of wisdom.”

  74. “I trust me.”

  75. “I set the intention to love, give and receive.”

  76. “Miracles are answered prayers.”

  77. “Self-worth, Respect, Confidence.”

  78. “My confidence empowers each step taken.”

  79. “I dare to dream big.”

  80. “My finances are supported by the Universe.”

  81. “My presence is power.”

  82. “I am financially secure.”

  83. “I intend to achieve greatness.”

  84. “My angels support me daily.”

  85. “Abundance is my souls destiny.”

  86. “I love my family, My family loves me.”

  87. “I listen, I feel, I speak.”

  88. “I live intentionally & vulnerably from my heart.”

  89. “I am beautiful, I am loved, I am worthy.”

  90. “I shed my past I evolve.”

  91. “Acceptance in patience.”

  92. “My higher self leads the way.”

  93. “I intentionally live the Goddess path.”

  94. “I find freedom in trusting my intuitive nature.”

  95. “OM SHAKTI.”

  96. “All is heard from a place truth when spoken with love.”

  97. “My light is brighter than my shadow.”

  98. “I listen , love and nurture my inner-child.”


  100. “My passion fuels the fire.”

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