Ayurveda Yoga Therapy - How To Pacify Balances

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I am eager to share what has been capturing my wonder as of lately. I’ve been learning how to implement yoga as a science for wellness. Have you heard of Ayurveda Yoga Therapy before? Let me share how to use yoga to pacify imbalances in the body. The mind, body & nutrition play a role in feeling alive, well & balanced in all areas. When we live in integrity with our core values, we develop a sense of awareness in our bodies. A sensitive body is a body connected to God. Beauty blooms within creating connection to self love. It is here we are in a position to cultivate great change in our lives. By realizing that all of life is interconnected, we awaken to the truth; that we too are made up of the same atoms, molecules & elements that make our “nature” . By returning home to this wisdom, we then can implement a plan of action to surrender to the cycles & rhythms. In this knowing our food becomes love, our movement is to nurture, we understand how to identify with what is or isn’t working for our specific needs.

When we find ourselves rigid, hot tempered & forgetful, we then can take note of what environmental factors are playing a role in this current experience. Am I running hot, sharp & feeling burnt out? I can look at how I am feeling internally to understand where the discomfort is arising. Where is this anxiety, heartburn & joint pain stemming from? I take note of the imbalance of the fire & air in the present moment. By focusing on grounding the anxious thought patterns, it gives permission for the body to feel held. To anchor in a space of stillness that allows the body to remain calm & rooted at the feet encourages Vata to feel secure. Vata needs to move from a space of intention on the root chakra. Due to Pitta running high, it's important to use poses that are simple like chair or tree pose. As the practitioner encourages the elements to flow throughout the practice, this allows the mind & body to shift into a state of ease or bliss.

Without aggravating the sharp & hot tempered qualities, we move through poses that are digestive focused. We begin to release the emotions around anxiety through movement & pranayama. Spinal twists open & release stored tension in the low back & the stomach. In surrendering to the mind, we then can begin to master our emotions. Our vata imbalances feel safe, loved & held within the Kapha force. As the fascia tissue begins to cleanse & purify deeply within the ligaments & or muscles, we open our heart to receiving. It is through holding poses for longer periods of time we allow the body to rest & restore. Using poses that are cooling by nature are preferred in order to keep the heart rate down due to Pittas competitive nature. Refraining from a challenging asana allows pitta & vata to get out of the head into the heart. When we are aligned in our heart center we are living from a place of trust & faith. It is in these qualities that Kapha can begin to thrive. Inviting the energy of earth & water into our practice allows lubrication to our joints to occur (Vata) as well as cool down our digestive fire (Pitta). We then can move back to a state of wholeness by experiencing the power behind adopting an Ayurvedic approach to healing.

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