been there and back!

Hey now listen up over here!

No more reasons to hold onto fear,

Let go and spread your wings my dear,

Your time has come, May peace be near,

Hey now! Hey! I am speaking loud and clear,

Sunshine rays glistening, Warm feelings of cheer,

Stepping into my power, Oh, What a light year,

Wisdom within me radiates! I am ready for my premiere,

Hey now! Hey! I see beyond what I couldn’t cohere,

Intuitive knowing at the forth front, Genuine and sincere,

Empathy, self love and acceptance, Shed tear by tear,

Anger, judgement, and resentment have no place over here,

Hey now! Hey! I feel deep love for a new passionate career,

Work needs to be done but not without having fun, Do you hear?

OM,OM,OM, Trust me in what I say life is not so severe,

We get to play, laugh and create everything in the atmosphere,

Hey now! Hey! No more defeat! Victory gained in the Southern hemisphere,

Subconscious blocks stirred up to removed, Infinite Spirits love is my souvenir,

God’s magical divine plan blossoms, Oh, Yes it perseveres,

The power of vulnerability, Surrounded by the magic of seeing crystal clear,

Hey now! Hey! The essence of love! I am in service! I volunteer,

Eager to do the work, Gaia’s oceans shall not disappear,

Magnificently beautiful, Auspicious celestial sphere,

Trust, grace and joy, Message of Constellation Auriga the Charioteer,

Hey now! Hey! You are loved sweet Earth Angel, Open up your ears,

Do good to be good, Feel what needs to be transmuted to light my dear,

Emotional but yet Ohhhh, So freeing, Bright like a chandelier,

I am light bulb that stands strong in the face of adversity and fear.

To live life to fullest one must be willing to surrender to all that no longer serves our highest path.

This requires a tremendous amount of hard-work to believe in your power to accomplish miracles. Opening your heart to the vast oneness deep within stirs up ancient wisdom that is waiting you for to activate your DNA strands. Evolution is a simple process all you have to do is be ready for the old to die so the new can be rebirthed into something magical. Holding onto old pain, suffering, worry, anxiety and old stories no longer deserve to sit inside your body. True freedom is already within you but acceptance and self love is the way to find it. You must be ready to fight for your happiness as the old shackles and restraints will resist you from making it to the finish line. Trust in the lessons behind each trauma as illusions are revealed to be transmuted to the light. You are the master of your emotions no-one can take that from you but you. In order to gain control of your emotions you must find out how, when, where and why this emotions is lingering in your body.

  • When did this emotion attach itself to you?

  • Where does this emotion sit in your body?

  • Are you ready to release this emotion?

During the healing journey you come to learn yourself on another level of intimacy where you develop a deep understanding to these meaningful questions. Once you begin to pin-point why this triggers a specific feeling or reaction in the present you are able to gain more power than the emotion.


We are all worthy an deserving of our dreams through living a life abundant and full.

  • What struggles keep reoccurring on your path?

  • Are you aware of the lesson?

  • Are willing to admit the truth?

Cut these energetic cords so you can ascend to be the powerful light being your soul is craving. Believing in your worth to live your birthrights is on of the most rewarding feelings. You get to wake up day after day with a grateful heart and acceptance for whatever is thrown on your path today. The endurance required to truly master this is daily care, strong spiritual practices and mindfulness. Rewiring our brains can take time but that ok we spent our whole lives learning these crappy patterns and behaviors. These old habits our now holding us back from shining.

Know that you are stronger then you think and this too shall pass. Everything in life is temporary so this challenge of relearning how to align yourself to your truths will take time before it becomes second nature. Know that these old beliefs are false and have been learned throughout early childhood. You are the only one who can choose to live life authentically.

I like to say, " I choose to wake up each day intentionally and authentically."

Happiness is a choice, to live is a choice, to be free is a choice, to let go is a choice.... We are surrounded by choices in every moment in life so choose to be free to go in any direction your heart desires. There is no such thing as a wrong choice because behind what we call a "bad choice ", provides a powerful message.

It is up to you to seek the lesson that Spirit is presenting to you! It is in those lessons we learn the meaning of inner-strength even when it doesn't seem like it. There is always something life has to teach us and that is the beauty of it all..... LIFE IS AMAZING- Infinite, endless, free flowing, ever changing, messy, chaotic , beautiful, graceful.

  • How do you choose to allow your mind to control your outlook on life when in moments of severe adversity?

We can either continue to get lost in the chatter or we can preserve. Perseverance requires the belief in oneself to get back up again on that horse and choose a different direction.

I too was once lost, depressed, lonely, sad, empty, and unfulfilled but the thirst to seek for more was greater then these lower vibrations. I fought my battles by trusting in the power of faith, self love and my inner-warrior to be that light again. This isn't to say sometimes life does get the best of me that is my truth. The more I understand who my shadow self is I get to choose to accept her. A grateful heart can cure any rainy day but only you can make that choice. We need to remember to stop looking outside ourselves and begin looking within. The power of love is the secret sauce to creating a life filled with miracles. Be the author of your own vibrant and colorful life. I hope you seek to find your inner-warrior when faced with adversity.

"Love yourself unconditionally! Be brave and daring to shine bright."

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