Day 1 Peru

Updated: Dec 7, 2017

This is day one to many new beginnings, I am beyond excited and nervous to begin a 300YTT at Mystical Yoga School Institute in Sacred Valley, Peru.

Every Thursday I will be sharing my journey with you. The wisdom and knowledge learned to be able to take control of my life and step into my truth.

I will be studying the Native American medicine wheel, shamanic energy healing the art of teaching yoga and will participate in several ceremonies.


Deep in the heart of Sacred Valley there was something magical and breathtaking in the mountain views.

A sense of peace was in the air and the energy was light.

Arriving at the sanctuary we unloaded our bags and met in the yoga shala as began to quiet our minds after a long day of traveling. As we took out our notebooks and wrote down our intention for the training I began to look within. I knew being vulnerable during the process and honest with myself was going to being hard but necessary if I wanted to change. Reflecting back on those truthful words I wrote down July 2016

“To grow, change, and to find myself. To stop repeating same negative behaviors. To love myself and others more.”

I now understand the importance of self love through daily practices and rituals.

One daily practice that was new to me was meditating, unsure of how to meditate I began to sit in silence and trust the process. I couldn't sit still and my mind continued to overthink, I then realized I needed to let go of the outside world and to quiet my mind if I wanted to be more focused on peace.

I then experienced a wave washing over me. Within that moment the element of water offered me her compassion allowing me to reach a state connection to every new face sitting in the room. A place of no judgement! We began to open the sacred circle by introducing ourselves and sharing our intention.

I began to grow nervous as it got closer to be my turn not realizing I had to share my truth of what I wrote in my journal that first day. This would be my first step towards vulnerability and having integrity with my word to my healing journey. Holding back the tears in my eyes I opened my mouth and spoke my truth.

Taking down years of heartbreak, trust issues, and abandonment will not be easy. Remembering that behind fear is freedom that will require courage and determination to find my purpose;

What am I here to create? Who am I?

I felt an overwhelming amount of sadness in my heart as I reflected inwards and was confused and unsure of the answer.

I need to allow myself to cry if I want to find myself and remove the walls I have put up since childhood.

I still remained strong to hide the true essence of how I was feeling but was relieved and proud of myself for taking the first step towards freedom.

All I have to do is believe in myself. We all have the possibility to change and remove obstacles.

Behind every struggle is a lesson and once you begin to drop fear you will awaken to the inner warrior/goddess and ignite the power of your soul. Passion is fuel to the fire!

“The Agony of Lovers-

The agony of lovers

burns with fire of passion.

Lovers leave traces of where they’ve been.

The wailing of broken hearts

is the doorway to God.”


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