Day 2 peru

Rise and shine as I hear the flute outside my room bright and early at 5:30am.

The music of Spirit calling us down to the yoga shala to begin our day with a morning meditation.

Early mornings and meditations were new daily habits for me on this next chapter of my journey.

I shifted my awareness inward as I received a message to be open to receiving love. I then felt myself become one with the infinite space the Great Mystery!

Spirit then shared it sweet messages with me to receive the animal totem medicine of the cat.

I watched it shift from purple light to infinite black space mesmerized by it’s magical healing powers. This is the Great Void, The Mystery, or known as the UNKNOWN. The cat is a magical and mystical animal that is able to travel in between dimensions and time. All I need to do is receive the messages by releasing over thinking and be willing to realize what do I need to let go of?

As we begin our intensive 300 hour program we start by learning about the 4 Directions and what each direction represents. Working with the Native American Medicine wheel was what inspired me to attend this specific program. Since a young child I have always felt a connection to plants and indigenous beliefs and ways of living. I have my grandma to thank for that some of my shamanic tools I use now on a day to day basis, that she gifted to me 20+ years ago. Unaware of their purpose at that time they sat on my living room table waiting for me to wake up to the ancient wisdom within.

We began our first week in the Serpent Cycle also known as S Direction.

Focusing on breaking free of illusions that the human mind seems to sometimes get us trapped in such as over thinking and causing unnecessary anxiety. Learning how to let go of judgements and reptilian thinking are the main focus of this cycle.

We then will choose 3 stones , each crystal represented what we wanted to work on emotionally.

I approached our altar in the center of the room as I reached for 3 magical gemstones to assist in my healing. Rose quartz, malachite, and carnelian caught my eye instantly as I picked up each one feeling the connection with Earth’s medicine .

Over the next month we will work through each of the 4 Directions and will not only shed our shadows but become aware of them. The desire to want to change and the willingness to be truthful to yourself is the first step to take when awakening the magic and beauty that resides inside each of us.

  • Rose quartz is a beautiful crystal that will help me heal old emotional wounds and traumas. It opens the heart to unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion.

Which I was in need of after many years of building up walls around childhood pain and heartbreaks.

  • Malachite is a vibrant green gemstone with black swirls and known to be one of the most potent physical healing stones.

“The medicine of Malachite has the ability to penetrate through all layers (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), bringing healing and transformation to all aspects of your being.” (The Healing Oracle, Rachelle Charman)

This stone helps with easing sadness and opening the heart. I allowed my intuition to guide me when choosing which crystal was best for me and my healing.

God will always give you what you need to heal if you are open , honest, and vulnerable.

  • Carnelian is a bright orange gemstone filled with the energy of passion, creativity , and sexuality. I was attracted to the healing medicine of carnelian with the hopes of finding my purpose and how I can live authentically and creatively.

My teacher spoke,”Ask yourself what are my heart’s truest desires?” Once you begin to look deep within all the answer you seek are waiting to be found. As I listen to my teacher’s words in my head again “What are my heart’s desires?”

I felt the warmth of sun on me as I began to visualize me running on the beach.

The mantra “Love and Peace” continued to play over in my head.

I was aware at that time of what I need to let go of in order to reach fulfillment in my hearts desires.

I need to let go of my childhood pain and release anger, guilt, and fear around self limiting beliefs and lack of unworthiness from past relationships in order to fully blossom to love. Letting go of these stored emotions won’t be easy but is necessary in order for me to thrive and fulfill my purpose.

This is only the beginning of my journey… awakened but not fully able to process and integrate the messages of Spirit. As I reflect back and open to the pages of my journal I can see my pain , confusion, and thirst for knowledge. I am ready to dive deep into the depth of my soul and move through old emotional pain to step into my authentic truth and live a happy life.

Peru and each individual participating in this beautiful yoga program open the doorway to healing and bringing blocks to the surface as we listened, nurtured, and held space for one another. I am grateful for Liz, Sandy, Janet, Starla, Leslie, Mykel, Keri, Sam, Inka, Brenda, Mirtha, Maria, Carolyn, Twylah, Shri , Vindaughton and the amazing staff. Each soul holds a special spot in my heart of blessings and lessons.

The healing journey requires courage, strength, and self love.

Honor where you are in the present and look for the light in the dark. As you begin to grow you will activate your own light. You won’t fear the dark anymore you will have faith and trust in God.

Don’t be afraid to share your light! The world needs your love, light and compassion. Lets wake up out of the matrix and move beyond suffering and create a magical life filled with synchronicity and flow.

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