Chaotic life of duality!

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Duality- is hot, cold, good, bad, hard, easy, flow, stagnant, light, dark, happy, mad…

Understanding that these are the natural rhythms to life here on Earth shifts your awareness to a state of acceptance. Opening your heart to vulnerability provides the gift of healing during the cycle of death and rebirth. Persephone is the Goddess of vulnerability, death, and rebirth. She has been to hell and back and is the creator of the seasons. She gives birth to life in the spring as she comes up from the underworld to be united with her mother.

Once we honor and accept the trials and tribulations we can gain a fresh perspective of security and a sense of grounding. Waiting patiently with compassion in our hearts during times of storms, challenges and blocks is crucial. We are all living testimony that our shadow self proves to be a test of self love and perseverance.

Seeking the true meaning of freedom in its purest form is found through self love. In order to find peace in forgiveness, letting go and surrendering we must grieve the old.

Self love is an important tool of compassion that act