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Chaotic life of duality!

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Duality- is hot, cold, good, bad, hard, easy, flow, stagnant, light, dark, happy, mad…

Understanding that these are the natural rhythms to life here on Earth shifts your awareness to a state of acceptance. Opening your heart to vulnerability provides the gift of healing during the cycle of death and rebirth. Persephone is the Goddess of vulnerability, death, and rebirth. She has been to hell and back and is the creator of the seasons. She gives birth to life in the spring as she comes up from the underworld to be united with her mother.

Once we honor and accept the trials and tribulations we can gain a fresh perspective of security and a sense of grounding. Waiting patiently with compassion in our hearts during times of storms, challenges and blocks is crucial. We are all living testimony that our shadow self proves to be a test of self love and perseverance.

Seeking the true meaning of freedom in its purest form is found through self love. In order to find peace in forgiveness, letting go and surrendering we must grieve the old.

Self love is an important tool of compassion that activates us to awakening to the illuminating light within us. Behind each shadow is a tremendous amount of inner-strength. As we reflect to heal each wound we remove the years of armor around our heart space. The healing journey blossoms in divine timing connected to the powerful messages of synchronicity. Reflecting back on these past 4 years a lot has happened in order to learn gratitude, freedom, and happiness. I see the lessons within the bad, good, hard, easy, lost and found.. The beauty behind each challenge has offered the sweet nectars of life over again to me. Wind of freedom blows the smell of a fresh summer breeze on my path.

I have been blessed with flow, growth and soul expansion.

Four months into my journey of freedom I can say I am truly happy despite the chaos around me I know I am safe. My faith in Spirit, God/dess has provided me the strength to wake up each day intentionally. The truth in honoring my true feelings provides myself healing when in times of lack. I’ve come to learn myself on a level that is raw, open and pure. I embrace the cycles of death and rebirth! I use these moments of solitude to love my inner child. To understand our shadow self provides the gift of healing. To be human we get to feel, love, forgive, speak, and create. Where there is life there is duality. Everything is connected to nature and her natural rhythms.

It is an essential part of life to move through the cycles of endings and beginnings. We must be mindful of the spiritual beings we are while maintaining and operating at a human level. Authenticity, transparency, and heartfelt connections allows us to move into a state of oneness. Remaining open to others blesses our path with the power of community. It is in these moments when sadness, low, depression are present we get to choose to not bypass how we really feel and empower ourselves to release. Open communication to speak from your heart no matter how hard it maybe to acknowledge the truth is the secret. The beauty of being a human is we get to hold space for another.

Let your tribe love you when you find it hard to love you.

Be gentle on yourself sometimes we caught up in what we need still get done we forget how precious this moment is. Honor yourself for the hard-work and endurance that is leading up to this point while remembering where it all began with the first step. Each small step build momentum to the big picture of you and your future success.


Oh, Life or death, Sunshine or gloom,

Happiness and sadness are parts of me,

Joy and sorrow sometimes takes over,

I get to choose peace or confusion,

The light in the dark radiates bright,

Illuminating love where there is fear,

Honoring the stages of death and rebirth,

Remove the the veils of illusion, Infiniti Spirit,

Separation and unity, Aware and unaware,

Choosing to surrender, Beautiful life of duality,

Acceptance is the way, Trust in what I say,

Powerful mighty strong, Triad of three,

Oak, Ash, and Hawthorn tree, Grounding my path,

Riding the waves high watery walls, Emotional and free,

Tsunami of growth, Persistent prayers of faith,

Self realization, Optimal compassion, love and


Sit with this moment, Sit with this feeling,

Wisdom is earned, Lessons are learned,

Loneliness leads to solitude, Transparent white light,

Purifies the shadow, Generosity of protection surrounding me,

Sweet Goddess of justice and nobility, OM Nemetona,

Bravery is required in moments of lack, Fearless momentum,

Patience or to rush, I do not give up in the face of adversity,

Enchanted fairy realms playful and mystical, Oh secret portal,

Long distance travels heartfelt manifestations, Moments of stagnation, Victory or defeat,

Oh, This dualistic path filled with limitless directions of freewill,

I like me, I love me, I accept me, Duality is within everything.

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