Updated: Jan 30, 2018

The Earth needs our support to return back to a state of health and vitality! We are all here to create the magic we want to see in our lives. Don’t let others discourage you from believing in a dream bigger than you can imagine. It is your birthright to create the life you want allow your passion’s to flow freely and as you express yourself fearlessly.

My passion for the ocean began at a young age not knowing or even experiencing the the magic of sea since I was raised in the midwest. It all began one summer when I was 9 my mother enrolled me in a community college course for kids called shark science. I will never forget the moment our teacher brought out a shark for us to dissect. I was fascinated by seeing such a mystical creature up close, it was at that moment my thirst for knowledge began!!

Unaware of how my passion and purpose would manifest into the physical I continued on my path being the free Spirit I am. I spent years trying new goals, getting lost in a toxic lifestyle and pursuing new career ideas that left me feeling uninspired and determined to continue to seek my purpose . After many years of uncertainty and living life in the fast lane I discovered yoga, meditation, Pilates and energy healing in my quest for fulfillment. As I began to open my heart to self love and self discovery another passion began to emerge and blossom in my life. My passion for Pilates opened new doorway to many golden opportunities in all areas of life.

Earth Club Inc. began to come into fruition after many years of manifesting on wanting to save the ocean upon my discovery of these powerful healing modalities. Filled with gratitude and creative expression I am honored to share my passion for health, wellness and healing as we nurture and love ourselves back to a state of oneness with nature.

Be a part of a community that inspires health and wellness not only for yourself but for the Planet. You can achieve the impossible when you live from the heart and express your truth.

My truth is to help our Earth's water issues return back to a state of balance.

Awakening to the remembrance of the sacred connection to all of Mother Nature’s inhabitants is crucial for survival of Earth and humanity. Land and water need each other they balance, nurture and support one another. The oceans, rivers and lakes are our home too.

Showing respect to our shorelines through acts of service, self love and achievement of health and wellness goals you will begin to create new doorways of opportunities, growth and transformation.

Awareness and passion is required to make a difference. Believe in a purpose bigger than you.

This is why I am grateful to be able to create my heart's desires through the art of Pilates, yoga, fitness, meditations and ancient healing modalities. Using these health and wellness tools not only do you heal yourself but our oceans, rivers and lakes too.


Become an active member of a community who is passionate about keeping our shorelines clean while participating in fun fitness/healing ceremonies and events.

Each day is an opportunity to wake and do something kind.

Meet new souls who are inspired to give back, grow and transform their lives.

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