Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Clearing the old to something brand new,

Gentle loving arms of golden purple hues,

Bathed in the kind heart of Mother Gaia,

Purifying, What’s left an imprint,

Cell membrane! Oh so pure & innocent,

Regeneration found in lifting past heartache,

Lost in a world of seas , Don’t you see me?

Sweet dear child forever missed,

We once hugged but never kissed,

I honor the time spent in the womb,

Cycles of death, Inevitable beginnings,

Wholeness equals me plus you!

Keep the faith in 2 + 2! Angels sing,

Offerings of light, Joyful healing,

Rise up sweet baby! Keep ascending!

Promise of birth, Bountiful & beautiful,

Soul interlinking forever & ever!

Never forget the time in gestation,

Comforted in knowing, Reincarnation,

Celebrating future arrival, Life in bloom,

Releasing confusion, Unveiling!

Freedom to love unconditionally,

Great Mystery it appears there’s history!

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