Fearless Heart

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Courageous Love.

Peace of a Dove,

Below & Above,

Internal Harmony,

Well-being soars free!

Oh yes! Life is manifesting!

Dreams in this reality,

Releasing all negativity,

Honoring past fears,

Presence in appreciation,

Hope in future memories,

Trust in all working out for me!

Balance in duality,

Cycles of death,

Letting go is healing.

Fresh perspectives,

Faith takes the wheel,

Justice in honesty.

Compassion to give,

Moments of solitude,

Restore mental clarity,

Permission to receive,

Encouraged to just be,

Embracing thy Divinity,

Offerings of Blackthorn Tree!

Aligned in Love & Unity,

Hurdles overcame,

Self reflection of pain,

Earth Mothers medicine,

Blossoming within everything!

New beginnings of joy,

Inner-child playing,

Shining light externally,

Responding to life gracefully,

Taking action in accountability,

Empowered in giving selflessly!

This last year has been a year of adversity, growth, encouragement, focus, determination , inspiration and healing beyond my wildest dreams. One year ago I surrendered to all that I was ready to release. In 2016 I set out on a mission to let go of negative behaviors, it took tremendous courage to free my Spirit. Some lessons came up again more then others, offering myself the opportunity to learn a new of way being. It took the support of healers, friends, family but most importantly myself to make the choice to choose happiness. Life is constantly changing for the better! I now understand that everything is always working out for me even in darkness. It is here I am able to forgive, forgiveness is a powerful medicine. Sitting with Love sheds light into those moments of despair. When I respond VS. react I am able to view whatever the situation may be from a higher perspective. Bathing my heart in prayer welcomes the guidance, love & protection of the heavens. I pray for peace, pray for a sign & pray for healing!

I am grateful for the wisdom of self reflection, thank you Mother Gaia for your beauty of knowledge.

About 3 years later on my path , I have never felt more fulfilled in my entire life. As I sat at a red light the other day I began to reflect back. When I lived in Vegas a busy day to me would be gym, bank, grocery store & work 2 days a week. I had no motivation due to a toxic lifestyle that drained my light. I am now busy daily with time set aside to ground/ balance myself. I thought how is this possible? Going from 2 days a week to 7 days a week … I am constantly busy but yet still charged. AHHH-AH! I am at peace, I am joyfully creating my goals & I am living in the moment. Becoming more aware of blockages, subconscious garbage & patterns that don’t work have allowed myself to take action in a different direction. I appreciate, accept & allow joy to return my well-being back to a space of wholeness. Merging the internal with the external happens when I no longer live from a place of being wounded. We all have two poles known as our Yin & Yang energies. Yin is our Feminine & Yang is? … Yupppp! You guess it right our Masculine. Accountability to live authentically is my intention within all areas of my life. Rooting my beliefs into this reality assists in manifesting my hopes & wishes. Removing all false truths from the present frees my pain-body. Igniting my light of healthy boundaries, self love & empowerment allow myself to fully express myself from a place of passion & play.

Honored for life’s blessings of miracles is something to celebrate each day! God is good! The Universe loves all beings unconditionally. Our purpose in life is to be happy but somewhere in life I lost sight of what happiness is! I needed to learn what happiness was by losing it all. Happiness is not created on the outside it is cultivated on the inside. Happiness is a supply of Universal abundance that is welcome for everyone! As humans it is up to us to find the answers to all that we seek. There is no magic cure to creating the life you want besides going for what you deserve , never giving up & having faith in your higher power. Giving & receiving is a special bond that I humbly accept.

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