Fruitful Goddess of Abundance!

Oh sweet Goddess of abundance, OM ABUNDANTIA,

I am prosperous, joyful, and grateful, OM ABUNDANTIA,

Safe, free and filled with Divine light, I am ready to receive,


I do not give power to lower energies, I step onto the path of service,

Guide, uplift and heal humanity, Inspired to create a beautiful life saving the sea,

Oak Seer awakens within me, Mystic roots activated,

Wisdom received to be shared, Deep connection to the Fae,

Playful Earth Keeper that I am, Light shines bright of true self love,

OM ABUNDANTIA, OM ABUNDANTIA, Yes it is true life magical plan,

Continued faith in visions, Sweet floral budding white flowers before me,

Sacred path of Apple Trees, Symbol of love, trust and health,

Giving birth to my dreams, Hard-work, dedication and creativity,

Firing up garden magick of fertility, Soft pink hues fills my heart,

Emerald green grass beneath my feet, Grounded in Gaia’s love,

Mystical unicorn arises, May fairies spread love and happiness,

Atmosphere filled with yellow-pink hues, Empowered by passion,

Blessings of knowledge, Plenty in each moment with nothing to lose,

Lessons learned of love and faith, Self love and trust in Divine timing,

Generosity and gratitude, Full circle of healing, blessings, and light,

Heart open to give and receive, I am an angelic being of light,

Trusting in the faith above me, Trusting in faith within me,

Service to heal the animals on land and sea, Magical life,

Power to believe, Personal happiness and fulfillment is the key,

YUM-YUM-YUM! Generous apple, Satisfies mind, body and Spirit,

Spiritual Law of attraction, Oh bountiful path! Dreams in motion,

Thirst for knowledge nourishes earthly desires, Inspired ideas,

Pure white light of ascension, Sweet nature of true love rewarded,

Behind me Divine guidance, Teacher, sages, and soul tribe family,

Endurance, momentum, and growth, Oh yes! Freedom rings,

Life is journey and a magical one at that once you allow yourself to surrender to the things you cannot control. No one ever said surrendering would be easy to it must be done if you want to open the gateway to receptivity. Focusing on what you don't want in the moment will continue to manifest into the present. Trusting in the universes Divine plan of timing is key. Every lesson must be learned in order to grow in the face of adversity. In moments of stress we must understand this is an opportunity to strengthen our trust in the Creator. Clear your mind of MEANINGLESS chatter and keep your eye on the prize!

Abundance is a limitless supply that is available to all of us as long as we don't resist receiving. Keeping an open grateful heart is the secret to remaining in this vibration. Filling ourselves up with positive thoughts, affrimations, and faith helps encourage us to keep going in moments where more patience is required. Patience can be achieved through the willingness to let go of the things we cannot control. Once we learn this crucial lesson to life we shift into a state of receptivity on our path of beauty. We are beautiful Divine angelic being of love and serve a purpose much bigger then ourselves here on Earth. Honoring our talents and sharing our gifts is how we can develop a relationship with our higher-self and trust in the Creator. When we live in the natural rhythms and cycles of death and rebirth we begin to shed the old layers that are not in alignment with our truth. Trusting in patience to receive your manifestations and know all is heard when you live in love, light, truth and happiness.

Gratitude is the attitude that should be worn daily to fill yourself up with a positive light. Allow yourself to remain grounded, centered and focused on your future dreams. Those impossible dreams are you if you choose to believe and TAKE ACTION! Don't spend another day doubting the infinite possibilities that are before you. Doubt only blocks your manifestations and brings lessons to your path for you to awaken to your power of fearlessness. We can choose fear or we can choose gratitude!

I hope you choose gratitude today!

Since moving back into my dads house I have to be reminded of this daily since I am use to my independence and a specific way of living, communicating, and connecting to myself daily. I have to remind myself that everything in life is temporary and that I am safe from the projections of others. Communication is key to life remember when you come from the heart all is heard. Since being in this environment I am surrounded by yelling, miscommunication and chaos but this where I get to empower myself. That no matter what situation I am in as long as I remain true to my boundaries and what is true for me I can remain grounded.

This week I will no longer allow myself to complain and think about what I don't desire and focus on what I do. I know that my path is supported and I will have my own place in Divine timing in my ideal living location surrounded by my crystals, Goddess alters, plants and puppy. Acceptance is the gift I am blessed with in this moment of my journey. Truly understanding the meaning of letting go of the things I cannot control.

I cannot control how others choose to live their life but by building inner-strength and staying connected to my light has the power to get me through anything. Despite feeling more stressed then usual and anxiety due to picking up on the energy around me today I woke up with acceptance in my heart. I am thankful for the gift of acceptance my family has provided me throughout this new part of my journey. We may not always understand each other but at the end of the day we do love, support and nurture each other. I have their back and they have mine.



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