Gaia's Blue Hues

Sweet sound of healing washing over humanity,

Cycles of death & rebirth wash ashore.

Illuminating deep blue hues of wisdom in truth,

Trusting in the process of sailing with the current.

Reaching new heights of belief in possibility,

Optimistically moving forward fearlessly!

Walking hand in hand with Spirits Divine Love,

Living art, compassion & receptive blessing above!

Intuitive nature awakens within, Ommm-mmmm,

Rising above the pain of the past, We are free to live & laugh!

Sweet Sage Goddess, Height Priestess Path, YUMMMMMM-MMM!!!

Everything is temporary, Life is resilient & made to last.

Journey within the womb of Gaia, The Heart Of Our Mother!

She is the essence within every living thing,

Aligned to her love, Anchoring balance,

Solitude illuminates the path! Revealing the honest truth,

Power in flow, Guided by the sea turtles path,

Returning home, Granted our birthright is ever so freeing!

Grace in ease, Medicine of shark to release all fears of negativity,

Infinite connection supporting us, Light leading the way.

Patience is the doorway to fruitful opportunities of continual growth,

Not resisting, judging or doubting the call of your souls path.

Remember dear child this too shall pass, Destination to one's highest truth.

Honoring all that is before me, Free, happy, passionate & living creatively!

Singing the sound of mothering whale cries, Rejoice in universal love of community!

Our chariot has arrived, Golden arches of hopes & dreams awaken & arise,

Communicating clearly, listening & responding mystically....

Message received within, Speaking with integrity with all you intend.

Ancient wisdom, light, love & magic too! Gifted ever so effortlessly,

Existing within you & me, Peace & harmony is becoming of this reality.

Peace is within my pulse, Radiating bliss, belief & joy to go big!

Shining bright like the midnight sea, Speckle of light,

Illuminating bright white hues of living freely.

Moving with the gentle nudge of Spirit in the breeze,

Inner-Compass guiding our souls destiny!

Look up to & you shall see, The truth of who we are destined to be.

Map of universal language mirroring for all to see. Ommm-Ommm-Ommm.

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