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My journey from depression to happiness didn’t happen overnight, there is no magic cure. I heard a Ted Talks Video the other night on depression being a doorway to Spiritual Awakening. It was very intriguing hearing what this amazing lady experienced through the midst of her depression with her husband, due to not being able to have children. If she hadn't listened the messages that Spirit kept nudging her towards,they would still be childless. Needless to say she gathered scientific evidence into the human mind , this was her career background. I will later share her video & you guys can take a look for yourself.

(Grandma Marie's Garden, INDIANA, 2018)

NOW BACK TO MY STORY :) ! Overcoming the ,”Dark night of my soul,” as one of my girlfriends would love to call it! She too has a very powerful story, I would like to take a moment to honor & acknowledge her for that. “I love you.” I grew up surrounded by much anger, hurt, pain & trauma due to life experiences. We all experience these horrible ways of feeling, thinking, seeing, acting & reacting at some point of our life. Our stories are different but our pain & beauty is still the same, this is vital information that we must remember if you choose to live life with empathy in your heart. I lived the past paced life from a young age, I started drinking in high school & started going out to the club at 17. After living this way for 7 years my soul just felt overwhelmed in the feeling of what else is there to create? I began to grow bored of the lifestyle leaving me feeling unfulfilled and lacking in love, health & happiness. I had wealth but was still not happy with that being my finish line.

Fitness has always been present in my life since being a young child. I played sports such as basketball, softball & loved swimming. I use to go for long hikes nightly with my cousins when I lived in Arizona during high school, I moved there at 16. Experienced my first abusive, controlling & manipulative boyfriend shortly after moving there. It is through my own personal struggles I had built up years of baggage & I was ready to not numb, deflect or ignore the pain anymore.

Why allow myself to suffer when I can grow and make positive changes?

There was no reason why I too couldn’t live a happy life. I am stronger than my negative patterns & behaviors, WE ALL ARE! So we have it... My health has always been something I have taken care of whether is was a routine body pump classes or enjoying the weights & cardio machines. My ultimate favorite practice that was therapeutic to me before ever stepping onto a yoga mat was SWIMMING & WATER AEROBICS.

I knew I needed to cultivate change in my life if I wanted to see different results since I just got pulled over again for a DUI. This time I was “soberish”, but still a tiny hair over the legal limit, upon arrival I blew under. Thank goodness it later ended up getting reduced & dropped thanks to my good friend who was a Las Vegas lawyer. This had to be my final wake up call! Spending money again for the 3RD TIME, putting myself in the position to take someone else or my own life, and once again leaving me feeling defeated by drinking. I knew i couldn’t go to Brazil liked I planned for New years but somewhere in the middle of the storm yet again a blessing was working it’s miracle. That was when I made a life changing choice by enrolling myself in a Pilates Teacher Training course at TruFusion.

In January of 2016 I walked into a room full of new faces filled with fears of failure, public speaking & lingering feelings of being unworthy. I bravely stepped onto my mat with the intention ,well if I don’t like it, it will just make me stronger in my own practice. At this point I have been practicing personally for the past 2 years at Vegas Hot. I took on the challenge by not allowing my fears to talk to me out of showing up for myself. I can get on stage at night and dance in a room full of people “I can do this!”, I kept telling myself. I didn’t quit, I practiced daily, I reached out to other fellow students in the training for help & encouragement! This one small action step inspired a butterfly effect of healing, growth & transformation. Shortly after this lead a girlfriend and myself towards receiving our Reiki 1 Certification a month later in Feb. She too has been inspired to create much growth since open her heart to yoga,Reiki & the gifts offered through ancient healing modalities. Thank you for inviting me into that very special space, taught by my now current Reiki Master teacher ,who attuned me into later receiving my Reiki Master Certification in May of 2017. She guided all of us students by holding a sacred space of healing, love, insight and wisdom into creating a beautiful life. Congratulations on her new chapter of being a mommy this summer!!! FAST FORWARD to July of 2016 which lead to my yoga teacher training in Peru, it was here I learned the tools to ignite my light, take back my power & find my voice of inspiration.

Reading this, one factor has always remained the same! The art of physical movement has always been my healer. Without listening to the sweet messages of Spirit that was guiding back to the light, I would not be here writing these vulnerable,open and meaningful words. It took 1 year of intense healing before removing my blocks around embracing my inner artist. It took 2 year of solid work, self discovery & mindful awareness to bring me to the point of my life where I am now. Yoga, Pilates, Our Breath & Meditation really do transform our lives for the better. These practices grant us the opportunity heal our mind, body and Spirit. I can’t deny the principles of yoga & the inner compass that Spirit has directed me back towards feeling. I have a deep understanding of the connection to myself & all living things. Meditation has become one of the tools that supports my daily path. Offering much clarity grounding, peace & receptivity in times of high & lows; or as I like to call it duality. I tried my first meditation back in 2014 at a shamanic healing center in Miami, FL & I felt so much comfort washing over me. I was still a hot mess for another 2 year before actually forging a direct connection with the medicine offered through meditation. After coming home from an intensive 300 Yoga Teacher Training I began to heal myself with daily self love & care. I still battled with my ego, shadows & my own personal demons but I was able to continue to flow in a positive direction thanks to this practice.

I began to grow more connected to meditation by turning my personal mat practices into a moving meditation along with my shower too! We really are the creators of our life, I choose to create in color! I set the intention back in 2016 to practice yoga more often since I was more of a fitness girl and WOW! We need to be balanced in both, the noise & the quiet. I started to step onto my weekly in August of 2016 to understand yoga on a level deeper than for only physical purposes. I would show up inspired to breathe in positive words and to exhale out garbage. Sometimes I would set the intention to focus on specific mantras and I would never forget to bring my crystals that were my amulet for that day.

Taking care of our mind, body and Spirit is the secret sauce to lifting our hearts. We need to think of life as pyramid if we ever want to ascend . What do we choose to keep around in these significant areas of our lives? Returning back home to a state of awareness & wholeness makes every part of the journey worth it. We can only be the best version of ourselves by invoking our higher self. Our higher self is intuitive, loving, kind, creative and playful. When we begin to clear our roadblocks we begin to awaken to our sense of inner-knowing. I now can see more, feel more & hear more, this is life’s greatest miracles of all! It was through nature, health & daily practices I was able to find my talents so I can be in service to sharing my gifts. Those of you who are ready to take on the journey & come back to the light of who you truly are, don’t wait another day. The only moment we have is NOW, embrace, love & honor it through taking actions that support your heart. I welcome you into a safe, sacred & inspired container every-time you show up to mat with me.

I believe life is a lifelong journey that never ends, we get to be the dream weavers of our future! Inspiration Is Life is more than just a health and wellness company to me, it is my passion. A web of dreams inspired from one small action step. A domino effect of goodness offered by many helping souls & guiding lights along my own personal victory. It is here we can begin to create our messages of empowerment by becoming more flexible in letting go of things we cannot control. We get to breathe life into our hearts intentions & desires by showing up for the self love journey. It is through going in-ward we can begin to reflect the good we wish to see in the world. We must take action, hold ourselves accountable and believe in ourselves in every moment

Creating an online health & wellness platform gifts myself the opportunity to share my life work with anyone, anywhere & any place :)! It’s convenient, fun & inspiring to realize that we do have the power to show up at all times. Tapping into the virtually reality realm offers my present moment with appreciation for my journey & others. It leaves a doorway of wanderlust available for those who love travel for work or personal. A passion of mine is to travel, explore and take on new experiences! I love immersing myself in the culture of the world & the beauty within it. By being able to teach Live Online classes myself & my students are blessed with freedom. It doesn’t matter how busy of a lifestyle you may lead, you can literally show up anywhere with your yoga mat, lap top & internet. You can be in the privacy of your own home, beach side on vacation, or during your work break at the office. YES!! It really is that simple to make yoga, Pilates & mediation all a part of your daily life. Thank you for sharing your light with me & in return nourishing my inner-light. Let the butterfly effect of love, health, wealth and happiness wash over us. Learning how to love, accept and embrace my creative creator was been a dream come true.

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I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE RIGHT TO THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO. - Please enjoy hearing her wise words on depression being a doorway. ENJOY!

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