Healthy boundaries in 2018

The Definition of Healthy Boundaries- “are the physical, emotional and mental limits we establish to protect ourselves from being manipulated, used, or violated by others. They allow us to separate who we are, and what we think and feel, from the thoughts and feelings of others.”

This New Year is all about setting those healthy boundaries and knowing what that means to me and my physical, emotional and mental health. I use to be unaware of what healthy boundaries meant to me and I would allow friends, past lovers, strangers and even family to over step my sacredness.

Each turmoil and misunderstanding is a lesson of truth and how can you apply healthy boundaries in the situation. After many years of being kind in situations where I should have stuck up for myself and spoke my truth on how I deserve to be treated has come to an end. This is the year I take back my power and know my worth and that I am deserving of relationships built on mutual love and respect.

One of my favorite affirmations is ,” I allow other to witness their behavior so they can move beyond it.” (Miracles Now, Gabrielle Bernstein.)

The other day I ran into a sticky situation of miscommunication with a friend receiving a phone call of being yelled at and not allowing me to speak or even listen to what I needed to say. In that moment I began to feel frustrated and ungrounded as the projections of others took me out of alignment with my truth and how I choose to communicate and react to others.

I have made the decision to speak and treat others with love and compassion for this is the vibration of love and the essence of who I am!

Coming back my center after exchanging words through a text after being hung up multiple times, I began to judge myself on how I reacted in the situation. I acknowledge judgement is a waste of energy and only I have the power to forgive myself. Instead of focusing on where I was wrong I decided to see the lesson and wisdom beneath the surface.

I reconnected with my higher self through prayer and meditation as I set the intention to let go of the reactions of others. Spirit then shared a beautiful message with me during one of my favorite rituals.

This powerful sacred cleansing ritual left me feeling lighter and aware of my reaction in the situation.

Instead of focusing on allowing others to witness their behavior so they can move beyond it, I to need to witness my behavior so I can move beyond it.

Turning one my favorite affirmations into a powerful moment of enlightenment and understanding.


Connecting with Spirit has provided me a tremendous amount of inner and outer strength along with a new perspective on how beautiful life truly is. Once we decide to let go of resistance and become an open channel to receive miracles, opportunities and growth; love will pour through you in all areas in your life.

Setting up healthy boundaries is important when on the healing journey and embracing self discovery. Once you begin to fill yourself up with self love and acceptance you will no longer except past behaviors that you once settled for.

I choose to give respect and to receive it in return. I cannot speak on the behalf of others everyone is on their own journey at their own pace on how they choose to live and treat those they care about. Remembering to not judge others for there actions and to remain focused on your growth and integrity to you word and yourself.

Speaking from a place of compassion is crucial to setting those healthy boundaries emotionally and mentally. I will no longer allow the ones I care about and love to speak to me with a lack of respect.

I understand communication is one of those tricky topics due to life and walls built up around past pain and hurt.

In order to move beyond self limiting behaviors you must disconnect from toxic people, place and situations. Allow yourself to live in alignment with your truth and not allow others to hinder your growth. When setting up healthy boundaries be honest with yourself on how you can return the same respect.

My healthy boundaries are….

1. Do not yell at others or allow others to yell at me.

  • Disengage from the conversation and allow time to pass for the each person involved to calm down so all can be heard.

  • Meditate on the situation


  • Commit to prior obligations

  • Be honest and not lie if a plan changes or I feel like I am not able to commit due to needing solitude or feeling overwhelmed. Instead of making up a white lie or doing the infamous move most people do (NO TEXT , NO SHOW, NO RESPONSE.) I promise to be open, honest vulnerable.

3. Let those I love and appreciate know my gratitude for them.

4. I AM an open channel of love. I promise to listen to others and to be heard. (Allowing whoever is speaking to finish what they need to express.)

5. Respect the boundaries of others and not do things that I know they don’t like. IF SOMEONE ASKS ME NOT TO DO SOMETHING TO THEM RESPECT THEIR PERSONAL SPACE AND DON’T DO IT.

6. I will fuel and nourish my body with healthy food and stop eating junk food.

  • My body is my temple. I respect and nourish my body with nutritious food and water.

7. Remain dedicated to my Spiritual Practices (Meditation, Weekly Self Love Rituals and FREEDOM.)

This is my promise to integrity to setting up healthy boundaries what is excepted from myself and others.

I allow my path to unfold magically filled with wisdom, growth and transformation.


“I am ready to receive love.” (Miracles Now, Gabrielle Bernstein)

Take sometime out today as you reflect on what does healthy boundaries mean to you?

What boundaries can you set up for yourself for the year ahead?

Self and acceptance begins with you!!!

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