I am Human! I am Love!

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

Oh My! This human form is me,

I see, feel , think and breathe,

I laugh, cry, and get angry,

I make memories with friends and family,

I am light! I am shadow! I am duality,

Mistakes, accidents and curiosity,

Anger, frustration, and loneliness,

Kindness, joy and gratitude,

Freedom, goals and dreams,

Are all parts of me,

I am human! Don’t you see?

Visions of the future, I dare to dream big,

Support of friends, family, and community,

Honoring and accepting fear, doubt and uncertainty,

I walk the path of being a human before me,

Surrendering to the things I cannot control,

Accepting of the lessons and blessings above me,

Compassion, unwavering faith and belief in my creativity,

I get to be human! Don’t you see?

The smell of lavender essence soothing me,

I feel the sacred connection between everything,

The smell of Palo Santo cleansing me,

I sing LAM, LAM, LAM,

I feel the vibration of sound healing me,

I save the dolphins, reefs and sharks too!

Heartfelt connection to the land and sea,

Riding each wave with patience in the face of adversity,

I am human! Don’t you see?

Sometimes life gets the best of me,

Good and bad, Easy and hard,

Love and fear, Joy and pain,

Don’t you see silly? I am human,

Constantly moving forward,

Circle of unity, fulfillment, and infinity,

Spiritual being within me,

I awaken to my oneness in everything,

I get to love, hug and feel,

I get to speak , express and heal,

I get to choose happiness and peace,

I am human! Don’t you see?

Life is a choice of how I choose to perceive,

Illusions and intuition, Cycles, and change,

Beginnings and endings, I sing OM, OM, OM,

Past, present, and future, Trinity of 3,

I am grateful to be human! I accept me,

I am one with nature! Grounded but yet still free,

The trees, flowers, and plant spirits love me,

Thank you Gaia for guiding me,

I am human! Yes I see, think , feel and breathe,

This a poem of what being a human means to me! It took a deep heartfelt connection to my inner self as I searched to gather the words to creatively express myself and my humanness into words!

The other day I received a call a from a very dear friend of mine, her name is name is Mallory! She has been a friend of mine now for the past 8 years and has blossomed into a beautiful Goddess.

I highly suggest listening and following her podcast, please go to the link below!

You will love getting naked with her and expressing yourself from a place of compassion, understanding and openness to RAWNESS OF LIFE! Remove each layer with intention and dedication to your path of self love and acceptance.

To hear more about her story please listen to her podcast!


I am very grateful to have her be a big part of my journey. The summer I experienced my spiritual awakening was with her in July of 2014. We were still freshly new to our path and was lost in addiction and a toxic lifestyle. We were not aware of the drastic change that was about to take place in our lives. This is the year she offered me to stay with her in Miami so I can get out of Vegas during my depression. We began practicing yoga that summer and sound healing while maintaining balance between this toxic lifestyle we were living.

This was the summer we went to Burning Man! Wow on hell of a trip! The lessons learned, memories shared, wisdom me revealed and a couple life long friends. We both experienced the beginning of many new beginnings on this path of rebirthing. Both of us walked away from that trip with lessons, wisdom, struggles and awareness to what change needed to be done in our lives. I still struggled for many years after this powerful summer with addictions and lack of self love. I knew what I needed to be changed but fear was present! I knew the amount of hard-work that was before me. I was unsure of how to get out of this depression but I knew it required courage, strength and determination. In 2016 I began to take my power back and to begin to awaken to the willingness to grow and transform my life.

Upon receiving her phone call the other night, I was not prepared for the powerful and deep question I was about to be asked!


I love that I can feel, think, see, smell, hear, and touch everything. Being able to live and be connected to this sacred connection creates an outlet for infinite possibilities. Being a human gives me the ability to creatively express myself on what I am feeling, seeing, doing, thinking, or creating! Being a human is about duality! Look at nature, the seasons, cycles, tides, and birthing stages! I see the connection to all of life.

Experiencing lack, loss, hurt and grief are part of the path of being a human. Living in a state of gratitude for the moment is a choice that I get to choose! I love that being a human means I get to be free to choose my life and how I let my shadow self control my emotions. The hardships are what opens the door to self discovery and vulnerability.

Life isn’t meant to struggle but it is in those darkest hours life mold and sculpt our strengths. Being a

human means you can awaken to sacred connection between your soul and life itself on land and sea. We can choose the path of fear, worry , anxiety, addictions, doubts, blocks, judgements, and negativity or we can choose acceptance.

When we choose acceptance the human path becomes sacred, it becomes love, passion, and authenticity. This is the path of connection, self love, devotion and inner-peace. Hard work, determination and lessons are part of the journey. Being human gives us the power to create a life filled with intention and purpose.

I love that I get to choose how I ride the wave! I have the choice to surrender to obstacles, fear, hurdles, endurance, and patience.

I am gifted the power of imagination in this human form! We are all!!! Being a human allows me to dream big and to see a bright future of my deepest desires.

Awakening to the path of my humanness has transformed and inspired my path.

Being a human means we get experience the journey of spiritual awakening and realigning ourselves back to the sacred connection between Earth, Nature and each other. I get to create a life beyond my wildest dreams with the support of friends, family and community.

  • I get to travel, learn, and make new friends.

  • I get to see the oceans, beautiful flowers, light, dark and the stars.

  • I get to feel the sun, cold, and love of myself and love of others.

  • I get to touch all my creative projects, ideas, goals, hopes, and dreams with my fingers.

  • I get to feel joy, peace, inspiration and happiness.

  • I get to feel sadness, confusion, negative emotions and situations.

  • I get to choose faith and trust in the process on my journey called life.

  • I get to speak my truth, share my voice, write, and express my passion for yoga, Pilates, Ocean, healing, animals, and creativity.

  • I get to play , laugh, dance,rest, meditate and have solitude.


  • I get to accept myself on bad days.

  • I get to accept myself on the good days.

The list could continue on but let’s stop here!

I hope you enjoyed this deep heartfelt read. Look deep within yourself to find the answer you seek in life.

You get to choose what direction you want to go in life! I choose to continue to love myself, listen to myself and trust myself!!

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