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We flow through the cycles of life connected to the moon and her powerful energy. We can co-create with the Goddess through honoring her cycles as she transitions through house to house on your birth chart. We begin in our 1st house the month we are born or when in the zodiac sign we are in. This is a time of celebration and the beginning of New Year of Life. We can connect monthly to energy on our side to help manifest, create, goals,dreams, wishes, gratitude, creative projects and hearts desires and also during this time we will forgive, release, let go , surrender, during the Full moon.

I am a Gemini so I am in my 8th, the moon has transitioned 8X since being in the Gemini’s Zodiac sign. We are now about half way through the New Moon in Capricorn.

Where are you in your house? There are 12!!! Gemini , Cancer , Leo , Virgo , Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius , Pisces ,Aries, and Taurus. Use your fingers and count where you are in your houses!!!!

New Moon in your 8th House is all about other people money and how it combines with yours.
  • What to expect - A chance to inject newness into your finances or sex life!

  • What to wish for- More money! Better Sex! To overcome a fear.

Hey there Gemini family!!!! Owe-owe! Now how can co-create with this energy you might be wondering! Who doesn’t want to heal one or all 3 of these areas of your life!!! I will share some practices that I enjoy doing daily or weekly to create my goals, dreams, and future visions with intention, trust, and faith in the process.

Connecting to your Chakras is a powerful method to use when setting the intention to begin the spiritual journey. Be open minded to the unknown since energy is a strength that is required physically or mentally. You cannot see it, you have to believe in your life force energy to awaken to the healing abilities within yourself. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or also known as circle,“ spinning disc”.

We have many Chakras within our energy field but lets begin with our first 7 main ones. We contain 7 main energy functions within our body they are associated with different song sounds also called bija mantras, different colors , spiritual and physical functions such as emotions. We can work with these specific areas in our body when we are feeling a block or even when wanting to strengthen our mental, emotional , physical and spiritual health.

Now lets work with the energies of the 8th house !!! Gemini readers & everyone have fun and connect with your Chakras within yourself. You don’t need to be any specific house to work with your energy centers. Drop all expectations , move into a state of acceptance and open mindedness as you let your imagination wake you up to your inner child waiting to surface and play!

Let yourself see , feel , talk to your Chakras, See what you feel in these spots, what are holding on to, what do you need to release?

We shall begin the journey of our 8th house, begin to connect to your breath and connect to yourself on a soul level.

  • Deep Inhale fill up your belly , ribs allow your chest and heart to expand & Exhale with control closing your eyes, feeling your breath release from your body.

This house you want to focus on your Sacral Chakra, right below your belly button. This spinning disc is orange ,we hold our creative, sexual and male/female energies here. You can activate this area by singing/ chanting the sound song VAM (Bija Mantra).

  • Deep Inhale fill up your belly , ribs allow your chest expand and focus your awareness to below your belly button & Exhale VAM!l

  • Visualize the color orange

  • Begin to sing VAM

  • Closing your eyes

  • Feeling your breath release from your Sacral Chakra.

This is a good practice to use to inspire creative projects, goals, hopes, wishes, dreams, sexuality, and finding balance between our male energy -provider and supporter and female energy -nurturer, compassion and vulnerability.

YES! We all have male and female energy this is vital to giving birth to your heart’s desires. Courage ,strength, love and compassion are the tools to creating a beautiful life and is the essence of what it means to be a human. Awaken to the spiritual being you are and live your life the fullest through prayer, intention and connection to infinite Spirit.

Working with your Sacral Chakra opens the gateway to creation! Our female energy is our creator energy, this beautiful Goddess energy is within us! Her name is Shakti! Awaken to your Shakti energy and give birth to your passions, creative projects and intimate relationships.

This means falling in-love with yourself first! Tender to your hopes and dreams with love, passion, nurture, acceptance, self love and daily care.

In our 8th house we will also be focusing on our Third Eye Chakra known as the seat of our soul. This Chakra is in-between our eyebrows, picture an indigo circle here see a vibrant spinning circles begin to activate. Our intuition resides here that little voice guiding on your path. Trust this voice ,this is the guidance of your higher self. As you begin to strengthen this connection you will trust in your goals, dreams and aspirations. Focus on singing the song sound KSHAM here.

  • Deep Inhale fill up your belly , ribs allow your chest expand and focus your awareness to below your belly button & Exhale KSHAM!l

  • Visualize the color orange

  • Begin to sing KSHAM

  • Closing your eyes

  • Feeling your breath release from your Third Eye Chakra.

This is an amazing practice to use to connect with yourself on a soul level. You will begin to awaken to reading the signs, symbols and messages being sent to you from your angels, prayers, guides, universe, Goddess, God, Spirit, and Source, whatever your beliefs are. This connection is LOVE!!!

During this cycle use this practice to broaden your perception, expand your awareness. See beyond the illusions of fear, worry, doubt around your goals, relationships and yourself.

What is holding you back from creating your soul purpose! What inspires you? How can you live a life of passion? How can I achieve trust and faith in the process? See yourself achieving the impossible! How can achieve my goals with more creativity? How can I share my passion with others? How can I give birth to my creative projects?

These are questions you can ask yourself?

Trust the guidance you receive through daily connection to yourself. Strengthen your I AM PRESENCE! Believing in your light and what you are here to create is the fuel behind the fire. Ignite your hopes and dreams in creating your lifelong passions.

You can sing these mantras, listen to Chakra healing music in the shower/bedtime or whatever else you like. I love using these practices in the shower! Great way to turn your physical hygiene practice into a spiritual one too! Light some candles, incense and enjoy the self love journey.

Our guiding Goddess of the month is Kali!! What an amazing gift to be able to connect with her love , blessings, and strength this month. She help you face fear head on while supporting you to release self limiting beliefs, toxic people, places and situations. She assists in helping us step away from our Ego. She is known as the Goddess who frees our soul. She is an amazing guide to build a connection with during the shedding process into rebirthing to the truth life and what we are here to create.

I release and free myself from the shackles of my mind. I trust in the process and the support of my connection to myself and what I am here to create. Using these tools of knowledge I co-create with the Divine Love of Spirit. I understand and acknowledge the truth behind any fear, worry, and doubt I experience. I am grateful for EFT tapping, breathwork, meditation, yoga, Pilates, and The Moon to provide me the gift of being able to transmute these lower energies to positive through daily care.

I understand the duality of life after immersing myself into intensive healing journey. The work began this late summer and fall with an amazing Shaman who changed my life forever. I am grateful for his wisdom and empathy during this time of awakening to my powerful path of acceptance and truly surrendering. Letting go means you have to look at the root of the issue and relive that experience again to find forgiveness and acceptance. Looking requires strength and I am glad I had an amazing supporter during some of the hardest journeys of this process since 2016. Doing the inner work is pure freedom once you achieve letting go of the unknown and not allowing fear to control you!

Trust the process! Ride the wave and honor the cycles of life! In moments of lows, negative, anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, stress, I use these times high/ lows as an opportunity to empower myself and my connection to infinite connection to Source/God/ also known as your true self.The infinite connection to everything. I also use these practices as an opportunity to remain grounded, focused and strong.

I Remember the importance to keep my balance between positive/ negative knowing life is like a river and constantly flowing forward.
I don't give power to fear or toxic people, place or situations.
There is no need to get stuck in the past or lost in the future.

“I am perfectly present where I am! My presence is Power!”

During the 8th House we will focus on the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, which reminds us that we all have the power to change the conditions of our lives. Use these practices to raise your vibration and transmute the dark to light. Use mantras, affirmations, yoga, mindful practices and begin writing in a journal! Use the power of your word to create a powerful vibration filled with intention and desire! Writing things down is a powerful to bring your dreams into fruition.

Open your heart to receive the top 3 Affirmations for your 8TH House



This is a great time to seek financial advice too, or do a weekend seminar to help better under the financial basics. When you are in this part of your chart work on intimacy issues. Keep in mind this is an excellent time to recheck your spending and finances as see how confident you feel about it! Good time to readjust daily spending, bills, and habits around money. Open a saving account, pay off a credit card or ask your boss for a pay raise. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you deserve and do you believe you deserve one!

Go for what you want in your 8th house trust your intuition and allow your passions to fuel the fire as you this is an exciting time of new beginnings, self love, trust, guidance, passion, financial security, health, wealth, love, self expression, connection, magic, healing, growth and transformation.

The number 8 resonates with numerology vibration of success, love, abundance. It is the number of Karma - we reap what we sow. This is very spiritual number and hold power to financial security and security.

Practice daily meditation use Myrrh oil or incense this month to help open you up to receiving gifts. As you use this oil confirm that you are ready to receive, prior to beginning your meditation. State mentally or out loud 3X , “ I tackle my cash problems head-on.”

Archangel Jeremiel is on you side this month, he is one of the core 7 Angels. Connecting to the core of yourself. He main role is the Angel who supports and guides recently passed souls as they review how their every action affected others, and what they have learned in this lifetime.

You connect with him in this lifetime you don’t have to wait until you pass to begin doing the work of reviewing your life. Ask for his support and guidance during this time of self reflection.

Open up to inner- most darkest secrets of yourself and honor the lessons of courage, strength, forgiveness and acceptance to remove the blocks and life a life full of creation and connection.

Working with these energies monthly in your House support and assist throughout life again and again. For our life is like a circles constantly moving and in motion.

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