Is it or isn’t it?

Triggered by me,

Not me then you!

Once wounded,

Hungry, sad & Alone.

For what you ASK?

In the name of love,

Protected cubs,

Safe and Secure!

Lost identity,

Broken promises,

Shadow come here,

Sheltered young pain,

Bandaging the heart,

Bondage in fear,

No more lies,

Let downs or heartbreaks,

You ask what?

A place here.

Letting you in wasn’t my fault,

The Universe gifts,

The choice to choose,

Not attaching or controlling,

Compassion in empathy,

Kundalini arising!

Thank you lessons,

Forgiveness I learn,

Learning to grow,

Growing to yearn.

A much greater purpose,

To serve the greater good,

Souls guiding destiny,

In perfect harmony,

Wisdom in not blaming,

Or victim shaming!

Understanding the truth,

We are never alone.

Separate, cold or hated!

Lineages of pain freed,

Power of tears!

Love heals all,

Illuminating light,

Clearing the old,

Shifting false stories,

Victory in each horizon,

Inner-child ascending.

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