Journey To happiness!

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

My life has been filled with a tremendous amount of change for the better since last year. It’s empowering to look back and see where I was then and now. Change is possible, transformation is possible, & new beginnings are possible. Our mind has the ability to create victory or defeat which do we choose? I have gained much wisdom through seeking the truth behind the illusion my mind once had me trapped in. Releasing patterns, self limiting beliefs, cycles, & fears has gifted me the courage to be open, honest and vulnerable with myself. Meditation, yoga, Pilates, Reiki, sacred ceremony & shamanic healing have all been a part of my journey to discovering the depths of my soul. Igniting my inner-light has begun to heal my inner-child, allowing those parts of her who has been hidden to feel safe and secure again. She has resurfaced to play, laugh, dance, sing, and share her gifts with the world.

We all have the ability to inspire, uplift and heal others just through being present. When we are connected to being present a sense power washes over us. When we are in our power we are confident, happy and creative. I have developed a relationship with being present, aware, and mindful of the actions, choices and thoughts I create. Self awareness reminds me of the importance to see the full picture by not being so quick to point the finger. Holding myself accountable to not looking at the actions and judgements of others but of the actions and judgements of myself.

What am I projecting? This is a question we should all stop and ask ourselves. What are we speaking into existence? Where is my mind directing its energy?

Watching our thoughts allows us to reveal ourselves in a mirror image of who believe we are. Understanding what my core values & beliefs are allow me to know my boundaries of what is true for me. When we look within we find joy in not comparing, judging or criticizing ourselves to the actions and choices of others. It has been through holding myself accountable for my actions and choices I have been able to not give my power away to past behaviors that no longer serve my path of happiness.

Upon moving back to Chicago in December of 2017, I found an old journal from December of 2014, with only a few pages written in it. In 2014 I was in the midst of my depression and ready to make changes but still battled with surrendering to drinking, dancing and using party drugs. In that journal I found the first intention for myself I have ever written, “ I want to manifest a beautiful life & save the ocean and the fishes.” I find it ironic that log was 2 years before I ever thought about taking a teacher training. My non-profit "Earth Club" is a movement that is close to my heart, it just took me some soul searching to wake up. I never believed I could create a non-profit when I was a teenager now LOOK! Once we start believing in ourselves anything is possible we just have to trust. During community gatherings we give back to our local beaches & parks by participating in clean up projects where yoga, meditation, healing & sacred fire ceremony is the guiding light.

It was the middle of break down in December of 2015, after almost getting another DUI, I decided I need to do something new. I cancelled my trip to Brazil due my DUI costing an arm and a leg. This was my 3rd time having to get lawyers for this same situation. I knew it was TIME to start taking that one small step in a more positive direction. Since surrendering in the past year I now live creatively, intentionally & passionately. I have started ,”A Health and Wellness Company,” known as ,“Inspiration Is Life” & “Earth Club”, a non-profit for protecting the Earth’s beautiful beaches, fishes, reefs from plastic pollution. When I stepped onto my mat back in 2016 to attend my first teacher training I was determined to make changes within myself. I had no idea where my journey would take me but I refused to allow fear to hold me back anymore. I was willing and ready to surrender to the old so I can create what my heart truly wanted.

Overcoming a toxic lifestyle, anger and sadness I have stepped into the light of who I am. It is through one small step daily I was able to fully surrender in December of 2017. This is not an easy process there were tears, defeat, fear, uncertainty, triggers and a ton of purging but behind the storm lies a beautiful rainbow. Believe in your imagination to see an abundant, prosperous & kind future. That reality already exists within you, all you have to do is believe in order to see it. Open your heart to embracing your inner-child and allow those parts of him/her to shine. That is where the magic resides ,that is where the miracles happen! Our hopes & wishes are waiting for all of us to awaken so we can create a life of balance, peace and harmony. I am grateful to be awake, aware, and appreciative, Thank you Goddess path,” I love me.” I move forward following the rising sun, seeing the light within everything.

Each day is surrounded in heartfelt blessings, even in the midst of what seems to be chaos there is still so much beauty in presence. It was through my quest for patience, I have learned in the face of adversity by remaining vulnerable we can survive depression, loneliness and fear by choosing to accept the lessons behind the blessings. Deciding to jump off the karma roundabout, I have found new ways of expressing myself, having fun, and dealing with situations.

This takes continual focus to stay in alignment with what feels good to you & your truth. By setting the intention to see, believe, think, act & feel a higher frequency my vortex continues to grow stronger, brighter and braver. As I continue to direct my attention to positive thoughts, feelings or actions,

I attract miracles with open arms. By having faith in my future wishes my imagination flows freely to paint a colorful life of abundance in all areas.

Trusting in patience helps support me in times of needing balance when riding the storm of duality. Patience has gifted me an optimistic outlook to see the “Silver Lining.” Duality is inevitable there will always be two poles, opposites and different perceptions. I nurture myself by being honest to hold myself accountable in moments where I fall victim to negativity, judgement and fear. It is in those times I find my greatest strengths when I choose to surrender to the past trauma, wounds and old memories. The old has a way of triggering the present but once we gain power over the old stories that don’t serve us we are able to disconnect the thread. When confusion is present our mind has way of playing the mask of the silly trickster, “The Coyote.” Self awareness grants myself the courage to overcome the negative by shifting my thought patterns to a more positive way of feeling in the present. Believing in my worth to receive my hearts desires supports my truth of reality by activating the “The Law Of Attraction.” What you are experiencing today is a thought of an emotion or feeling that you manifested into your current reality from a past action. Identifying the root of the issue requires patience to seek those moments in time where these false beliefs or attachments have shackled you energetically. We all have the power to BREAK FREE! There is no such thing as instant gratification anything great takes time, grace & willingness to surrender. Please remember to be kind, patient and loving towards yourself each and everyday.

Freedom is pure happiness to be who you are and what you are here to create. Celebrating life to live each day with purpose leaves us feeling satisfied, abundant and grateful. Gratitude is a state of mind as I like to say, “Gratitude is my kinda attitude.” I choose love over fear, “LOVE IS OUR GREATEST TEACHER, HEALER AND LEADER!” I have traveled across the treacherous waters invoking my deepest desires. Discovering new found passions through igniting my inner-light where there once was dark. I have returned home to my true-self feeling a sense of connection deeply rooted below, above, before and behind me.

Spread your wings and fly you’re an Earth Angel too. Share your joy, love, light and kindness with those around you. Honor the cycles of death and rebirth by finding compassion for Mother Nature’s beauty. Trust in her guidance beneath your feet while she guides you back home. The power of prayer is our way of talking to Spirit. Please make your self love a priority by taking time to receive your answer through creative outlets,meditation, yoga & solitude. Be aware of the signs, messages and symbols the Divine is sending you. Remember you always supported in each moment & to stay present so you can receive guidance.

“I walk with confidence below me.”

“I walk with passion before me.”

“I walk with light above me.”

“I walk with gratitude behind me.”

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