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luscious pink moon

Updated: May 14, 2018

Pink Moon Illuminating healing light,

Unconditional love radiating white,

Acceptance in inner beauty shines bright,

Letting go of control or being uptight,

Removing old shadows of pain or spite,

Dispelling all darkness in the moonlight,

Cycles of life, death and rebirth ignite,

Passionate wishes under magical starlight,

Do you hear me beautiful Full Moon? I recite,

Hard work, belief and faith bring forthright,

Abundance of love feels delight,

Hopes, wishes, and dreams invite,

Health in wealth is a prosperous birthright,

Wealth in health are to be enjoyed in each bite,

To be mindful, compassionate and polite,

Creatively empowered bright like a headlight,

Speaking up for Gaia! Humanity we must unite,

Embracing transformation, Let’s surrender tonight,

Bathing in the magic and luck of jadeite,

Freedom to live, love and laugh every night,

Enchanted by your spell under the spotlight,

Mystical, Oh so auspicious early summer night.

#fullmoon #radiatinglove #forgiveness #gratitude #compassion #selflove #trust #goddess #beauty #life #laugh #dream #passionate #light #harmony

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