Magical new Moon In Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn January 16, 2018 Journal Tarot Log!

I am beyond excited and grateful for the next year ahead! 2018 is filled with courage, strength, wisdom, success, spiritual growth, abundance, love and happiness.

I awaken to the Sage within and believe in my dreams and abilities to create a beautiful life.

I will no not allow fear or self limiting beliefs or old patterns, places, people or situations to reoccur during this time of spiritual ascension. I am an open channel of love as I receive deep ancient wisdom from within. I allow Earth's magical crystals to support me on my path of awakening to receiving the divine light of the cosmos.

I beyond excited to be attending another magical yoga program this summer in Bali! I cannot wait to explore their culture and participate in a sacred cleansing ceremony in our Earth Mothers powerful ocean. I am grateful to meet new people and explore deeper into the depths of my soul during my Yoga School Institute Program. We will be studying the Native American Medicine Wheel and shamanic energy healing. This school is an amazing program. I attended my first yoga training in July of 2016 through them in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Peru. Those of you are looking to begin the spiritual journey I highly recommend this school!

I am aware of the importance of processing and integrating the life lessons learned as I begin to connect to my teacher guides in the Spirit world so I can share my wisdom as I fully step into my path of being a teacher. I do not fear stepping into my power or allow the projections of others to influence me. I allow ancient wisdom to surface and as I continue to discover my nordic/celtic/shaman roots with gratitude filled in my heart during this time of transformation.

I am surrounded by an abundance of new beginnings on my Spiritual path.

I am ready to receive health, wealth, love, and creative expression.

I trust and listen to intuition while it continues to guide me on my path of flow and synchronicity. I am 1 ½ years old on this path of ascension. I was reborn July 31st 2016 after experiencing a beautiful release during my San Pedro Ceremony in Peru. I am ware of the journey ahead with still much to learn and understand.

I am eager to continue to grow and evolve!!!!

I pay attention to the signs being sent to my from my guides and the animal spirit world. I am guided by the Flamingo’s beautiful medicine healing in 2018 . Each animal totem has as unique healing ability and message. The flamingo’s message to me is reminding to remain in-tune with my emotions and to let go of the things I cannot control , play and have fun. I open up to vulnerability so i can allow myself to feel what needs to release emotionally in order to grow and process. When you allow yourself to let go of stored emotions you return back to a state of balance. I’m aware if the importance of keeping balanced between work and play and not allow stressful situations to unground me when they occur. Knowing that new ideas and options will be revealed to me by immersing into the company of others and allowing myself to balance in gratitude for what I have. I Appreciate those around me.

Time to bring in new life, ideas, concepts, and people into your life. This is the end of one phase and the beginning of something new and brighter.
-Flamingo ( Power Animal Medicine Totem)

I move into a state of trust, faith and love as joy and gratitude fill my entire being. I am open to the abundance of golden opportunities that continue to be unfold on my path like a beautiful flower, one petal at a time. I move back to my true self and reflect the love of the cosmos, God, and Universe. I forge a connection to the sacred union between Mother Earth and the Heavens.

The Crystal Kingdom Layout Spread!

Current Situation- Selenite / Spiritual Awakening / Crown Chakra

Balancing and cleansing of my 7 main chakras. This crystal is powerful in assisting and opening the Crown Chakra as it draws down divine light of the cosmos. Entering a time of deep spiritual awakening. Awakening to the deep wisdom within.

Trust my own guidance and intuition during this magical time. Travel to a spiritually inspired location!!! BALI IN MAY!!!!!!!

Underlying Influence- Shattuckite / Teacher / Heart , Throat & Crown Chakra

Encourages me to connect deeply with my teacher guides in the Spirit world, to open to the wisdom that lies within and to step onto the path as a teacher. Creates a sacred space for me to heal and learn from my own challenges and experiences. When you understand and integrate the lessons of life, deep wisdom and healing is attained to be shared with others.

Connect deeply with the teacher within. Implement the knowledge and wisdom learned into my own life. Release fears about stepping into my power as a teacher. My soul as much to teach and will play a significant role in my life.

What I am aware of- Cacoxenite / New beginnings / Solar Plexus & Crown Chakra

High vibrational crystal. Awakens new opportunities, especially on the Spiritual path. Powerful medicine of awakening the soul. Helps let go of old stale energy and experiences, allows fresh new energy of new beginnings. Journeys you into the magical realm of Spirit. Enhances channeling gifts and abilities. Focus on releasing any unwanted fears or resistance and trust that this is a perfect time to begin a new project. Blessings of rebirth and rejuvenation. Enjoy the abundance and positive change in the new part of my journey.

What is required to move forward- Chrysotile / Animals / Base & Crown Chakra

Assists in the process of connecting and aligning with the world of animals and totems. Assists in awakening to the wisdom and healing world of the animal kingdom.

Pay attention to what animals come to me during this time. (Flamingo)

It is time to open to the blessings of abundance in my life on levels. Truly believe in your worthy to receive this magical energy of the cosmos.

Potential Outcome / Prehnite / Trust / Heart Chakra

Allows deep opening and healing on many levels. Encourages opening of the heart where I will find a deep place of trust for myself and others. Soothes wounds related to trust issues, dropping deeply into the heart to connect to your own inner wisdom and strength allowing me to trust in the flow of the Universe. Deep connection with the heart of the Mother Earth! Believe in yourself and your dreams! Trust in myself and that I will make the right choices for my highest good. Trust in divine timing! Let it all unfold and surrender any pain, unresolved hurts and betrayals that may be surfacing. Allow transformation to take place. Allow the light and love of the universe to flow through as I step into the unknown with unwavering faith and trust! EXPECT AMAZING THINGS TO HAPPEN!!!!!

Message and Blessing- Kunzite / Self Love / Heart Chakra

Offers the blessing of unconditional love at its purest. It invited you to open your heart fully to allow divine love of the Universe to enter the inner chambers, AWAKENING to love.This potent medicine teaches a new way of loving unconditionally. Connects you to the infinite source of love. Allows the heart to to expand and flow. Giving / Receiving. Enter into a space if divine union with yourself. You have no entered into a time of life where are ready to master this state of being. Be kind to myself and honor how far I have come.

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