Moments Of Growth!

Phew can we say thank you eclipse & retrograde season for your lessons of growth, endurance in the face adversity & valuing my worth. Life is what we think it is, life is what we tell ourselves daily, life is about the choices we choose when we respond & life is unique for each us as an individual. What do you tell yourself about your life on a daily basis when you are not speaking?

The subconscious mind is filled with stories some of value but if you have not done the inventory work a lot of false stories are lingering in there. As we grow old we get to relive past experiences offering our path the opportunity of freewill. Will to to be happy with the choices we partake in. Power is an internal source of fire that exists within each of us right above our navel known as our Solar Plexus. What’s a Solar Plexus some of you may be thinking… It is one of your 7 main energy centers called your Chakras aka ,”spinning disc”. It is considered our power center hence core power. We hold our hopes, wishes, abundance, beliefs, CORE VALUES, fears, worries, doubts, courage, joy & happiness here. Take a moment to breath into this center by asking your body how do you feel emotionally? Do you feel dense or light? What is the truth behind what is true for you here? Go ahead :)... it’s ok to be honest. How do you really feel? Only we can hold ourselves accountable for removing our masks of victimhood & ego. Tear down those wall, ignite a bright light of fire & dream big with integrity installed within!

This month I realized making choices that are my highest good may not always feel good due to caring how other people are going to feel & think of me. This has been something programmed in myself since childhood. Making choices requires the ability to receive guidance from understanding my emotions & trusting my intuition. Listening to my inner-compass won’t steer me wrong as long as I overcome fear look it in the eye & transmute into love. Not bypassing my truth but simply merging with the love of Spirit blesses me the power to overcome any obstacle in life. Happiness is an inside job that is created when we live side by side with Spirit. The universe flows through my blood, breath & pulse with each step I take on my path of wellbeing. Getting lost in a whirl-wind seemed like the end of the world for that 3-4 week time period. Purging the dark once more with a sense of negativity lurking in my mind, thoughts & actions; my days continued to reveal more obstacles then solutions. This is where awareness needed to be immediately shifted from the negative to positive. Experiencing this struggle within taught me a lot about what I was still holding onto offering me the opportunity to lift my Spirit to joy. Trauma can take years or even lifetimes of clearing but I do not fear the miraculous healing of the Divine in this lifetime. Life is truly a gift when living in the present.

Accepting that I get to choose beliefs that are true for me & not masked as a form of protection from the unbearable. I value my health on all levels including environment, relationships, communication & FOOD! My journey has been supported as Spirit guided me in the direction of stepping into my power. Health is found through nourishing my well-being with high vibrational food. Not giving power to old eating habits that once comforted me as a child when I felt alone. Eating this way in the present only gives me false feelings of victimhood, guilt & self hatred. When we show up to fully honoring all part of ourselves with unconditional love we merge with the heart of our creator. Each transition into a new chapter of healing gifts purity & cleansing on all levels. Forging a connection to mind, body & Spirit allows myself to ascend past what no longer feels good. I have pretty much always watched what I ate but in a way that was not loving or gentle towards myself. I use to restrict certain foods because I didn’t want to look fat, feel fat or get fat. I was limiting carbs, dairy & sugar due to fear of not looking “hot” aka good body. These are all disempowering, cruel & unkind ways of speaking to ourselves. I no longer give energy towards judging myself over the things I cannot change and finding forgiveness for the times I do. I look at other women in an inspiring light, your vibe our attracts your tribe. Sharing our gifts & talents amongst one another allows each of us to show up authentically. When we live from a place of being whole we do not see what is wrong with others for the reflection of the divinity is in every living thing. When we learn to remain in this end of the spectrum our path blossoms in miraculous ways beyond belief. Grace is earned through life's trials & tribulations as we continue to show up with love even if today is still hard. Once we learn how to swim out of the tide, flow is able to soar us to limitless heights. One must be patient while learning the medicine of resilience. Having faith in the support of our angels & guides reveals joy,hope & trust. It is when we start to doubt or give energy to past way of creating, lessons start to show up. During these moments of adversity we are offered the opportunity to expand love into new ways of creating, thinking, reacting & responding.

Expanding love & human consciousness is shared globally from many hearts all over the world. Universal Oneness is life’s Greatest Mystery that humanity must awaken to if ones goal is to experience peace & harmonious relationships . It is through enlightenment we have a chance of survival not only for ourselves but for our Planet & all of Gaia’s inhabitants. The Earth is filled with the hues of love & truth embedded in the land & sky. We must return home to the womb of our Mother by healing our hearts & living our truth. Trust in those two special parts of yourself. Share your gifts, honor your talents & accept yourself.

Tell yourself daily in the mirror….I love you. I love you. I love you.

  • Dare to dream big.

  • Invoke your desires.

  • Follow your heart.

  • Love yourself & others.

  • Share your voice.

  • Vulnerability.

  • Joyful, Creative & Light-hearted.

  • Be okay with how you feel.

  • Surrender.

  • Live in appreciation for the NOW.

  • Surrender your path the Divine! How can you be in service? :)

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