Mystical, Magical Hexagon

Sacred Geometry is a new territory for me and is one of those subjects I want to begin to expand my mind on. I love how the universe works, you truely to do get what you ask for!

Why not create a beautiful life filled with acceptance for the things you cannot control.

The other morning January 6th ,2017 I had a super amazing download while connecting to my intuition aka my third eye/ Pineal Gland, during my morning meditation.

This meditation was different than usual it was one of the first days in awhile I have had alone due to me moving back to Chicago and staying with my bestie. I woke up in the morning with the desire to get on my mat and breathe. I allowed my body to flow during my third eye guided meditation. As I began to slow down my breath and lay there in child pose, I began to connect to my intuition. The feelings of comfort, peace, and safety began to wash over me as I felt myself move into a state of acceptance.

A blue Hexagon began to reveal herself to me in between my eyebrows. I felt the presence, blessings, and connection to the beautiful Egyptian Goddess Isis guiding me. I began to understand my intuition and what my intuition feels like to me, the form, the color, the pattern, the emotions, and the magic of the infinite support and safety within myself. I received a download of the origin of the Hexagon.

My thirst for knowledge began to grow as my day continued with more sweet messages of synchronicity and wisdom being sent to me from my Higher Self. I ended up writing a poem which was something I have not done since I was a little kid 6-7 years old. I did start one this summer the day before my brothers car accident but never finished it due to being at his bedside while he was in a coma.

I expressed myself once again through connection to my Higher Self and allowing my creativity to flow. This poem was titled “The Heart of the Water”. This summer’s traumatic events guided me towards a Shaman who supported me on an intense healing journey this late summer and fall on July 31, 2017 to be exact. Singing positive affirmation songs have been one of those gifts that have awakened within myself since starting my spiritual journey.

My creativity was flourishing as I felt my inner Shakti awaken. A Hexagon is the most powerful geometric shape and is the symbol of harmony and balance in many Spiritual Texts.

A few examples is the Star of David, the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah and The Hagal Rune composed by ancient tribes of Northern Europe. The Kabbalah uses Sacred Geometry to explain the meaning of life. The Tree of Life is the Flower of Life containing the pattern of 13 circles, hiddin within the circles is the pattern ,The Fruit of Life, which takes the shape of a Hexagon. The pattern of the Fruit of Life is said to be an open gateway to higher consciousness.

The number 13 is synonymous with unity and the transition between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. The number 13 is shown through many religions and ancient cultures here’s a few

  • Jesus and the 12 Disciples

  • King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round Table

  • 12 zodiac signs and the Sun

  • 12 Tribes of Israel. Disciples of God

  • 12 Stations of Life in the Wheel of Dharma

I will later share some facts on the The Hagal Rune.

But first I want you to get the idea of what went into creating a Hexagon and life itself.

The opposing forces male/positive energy and female/ negative energy are the key factors when creation is formed. Electrons mate with protons in order to find balance, this process is called chemical union.

This is true for our body and our mind. We are the creator of our own reality. When learn to be able to balance our body and mind we evoke forces governed by the universal law of nature. Atoms are the building blocks to creation. The first atom was created in the Big Bang Theory in the form of hydrogen creating protons and electrons.

The Hexagon is the building block to the sacred geometrical shape of water.

A Hexagon is the most dominant shape in nature and the world. Take a look around your surroundings and admire the Hexagon within everything.

Coming to learn that our DNA structure is in the shape of Hexagon. Not only is the Hexagon found on Earth but also Nasa shows a cloud vortex on Saturn in the shape of a Hexagon. In theory to ancient Sages said the Hexagon represents ,"the potential in life."

I see the life created in the shapes, in the structure, in the elements, within myself, yourself and humanity.

During many of my journeys dating back to Peru through connecting to healing myself using the sacredness of Plant Medicine Ceremonies ,one common factor always revealed itself. The Flower of Life as sacred geometry began to expanding my awareness to the true meaning and connection to life itself. I received the ancient wisdom that was residing dormant within myself to wake up and understand the true meaning of moving into a state of transformation, growth and fulfillment. This time I was able to dive deep without any medicine and connect to the power of my breath and free movement as ancient wisdom surfaced for integration.

The Hexagon can transform your life if you choose to open your heart and expand your mind to trust and listen to your intuition. I used my intuition when choosing which ancient text and religion I should research since there was so many to choose from. I picked The Hagal Rune, I began to connect with my past life native nordic roots. Which is interesting because I just recently dyed by hair red after being blonde for many years. I intuitively knew that my new hair color would bring my connection to my celtic past life roots to the surface. Since Peru I have became aware of my fairy guides and the strong connection I have with them. Cordelia, Aeracura and Brigdet are to to name a few. I also have fairy gardens , they are fun, playful and mystical.

The Hagal rune was composed by ancient Shamans in the Nordic Tribes. This specific symbol in the alphabet resembles water/Hexagon. The Hagal Rune was considered to be like a conceptual star and represents limited boundary space of the universe. Many elements found on Earth were originally formed in the stars and then released to the Earth as the stars burnt out. They believed the Fruit of Life is the point in your personal development when you have a platform to transform your experience of this world.

It is when you return back to your natural state of kindness, goodness, love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, and self control. When we master our emotions we become complete and we mirror ourselves. Once we become one we mirror the image of a Hexagon. Returning back to our True Self, we return the source of our origin.

This specific letter in the Hagal Rune personally had strong and powerful lesson of awakening to myself and the next step towards relationship healing.

“Don’t Try to Fix What We Should Break Before it Breaks Us!”

This speaks to me personally when it comes to family. Being a light-worker I always want the best for my friends, family and those around me but sometimes it’s better accept the uncontrollable instead of giving into regression and the shadow self.

Honoring and respecting your healthy boundaries is important when making the decision to live in alignment with your core beliefs and values. The secret to staying empowered is when you have control over yourself and not trying to have control over anyone else or a situation. Life is filled with obstacles, surprises and a human ability to harness the power to create our own reality.

Hagalaz governs completeness and balance of the power and integration of the unconscious shadow elements. Being aware of your shadow is important when learning how to master your emotions.

The evolution process is bound to happen creating a perfect harmony pattern. Banishing and exorcising disharmonious pattern and protection of the awareness of the unconscious ideas for processing.

Hagalaz causes discomfort in others by awakening their own subconscious mind to release and let go of fear, doubt, worries, attachments, judgements, anger , and the shadow self.

It’s nature is impersonal and represent power beyond human ability to harness. Through the harshness of life and past hurts and traumas we turn hard like hail. Upon confrontation and reaching our breaking point we dive deep into the depths our souls melting the wounds around our heart, mind, body and Spirit. Allowing vulnerability to open our hearts to compassion and turning hail into water. Water creates germination of seeds which represents transformation.

What are we here to create? What is the deeper truth of life!

It contains the seed of all in the Runic energies. Spiritual Awakening often comes after deep crisis, chaos, destruction and inevitable change. The Hagalaz is the 9TH rune in the alphabet and is considered to have a significant meaning and place. It is the number of completion of perfect harmony.9 months is the most common cycle in nature and is the time we spend in the womb.

It is a protective rune and assists us in acceptance of the unalterable, the seeking of shelter and patience. Hagalaz has the magical energy of spring cleaning. It also reveals the personal past, past lives, and early childhood. A fun fact was that the Nordic region where great travelers especially by sea and they would express their travels in poetic descriptions of Nature. Upon discovering these facts I wrote a poem called “Sweet, Sweet Great Mystery!” where earlier that day I stated my purpose and passion of the living in the vibration of love, synchronicity and harmony

I continued to allow my heart and truth express myself as I wrote each line intuitively.

I opened my heart to the music and magic within as I connected to my Divine Goddess.

She showed me my past life roots, as I connected to my Higher Self.

I went back to a time when my name was Gitchi-Gummi and I fearlessly protected the Ocean, the Rivers and the Lakes. Surrounded by my tribe and connected to my shamanic lineage and ancestors! I awaken to my purpose and honor my passions with intention and fulfillment to succeed.

My mission on this Earth is to support, love and nurture our shorelines back to a state of harmony and balance between humanity and nature. Trusting and listening to my intuition as it guides me on my path of patience and awakening to creating my heart’s desires. To have unwavering faith and belief in the ripple effect of healing that will take place during Earth Club Inc. Ceremonies.

My vision is to build a community of people of all ages and genders who are inspired to give back to our beaches shorelines through beach clean up projects, yoga, Pilates and meditations. We gather together and support one another through the cycles of life while transforming our wildest dreams to reality by connecting to the Moon and her cycles. We then begin to flow effortlessly with acceptance in our heart and understand the positive and the negative dualities that arise on our path called life.

Earth Club Inc. is grateful for all the beautiful souls who have attended these past events and have shared their vulnerabilities and their light leaving a domino effect of healing, gratitude and inspiration. Our Earth’s shorelines and all of her inhabitants will reap the benefits of us awakening to our gifts and honoring our talents as we become the creator of our reality.

Please stay tuned for future events near a local beach by you!!!

My message from Spirit is to be patient in the face of adversity. Ride the wave! I am powerful like the Ocean! Trust in Spirit! After researching and reflecting back on my personal journey and experience with the Hexagon I now have an understanding of how to move forward at this point of my journey.

To be able to understand the sacredness of life and the meaning to continue on the path of progression and reaching a state of peace is such a blessing of divine guidance.

I am beyond grateful for my connection to God, the mystical and the Goddess. I believe in my ability to create my heart’s desires with unwavering faith. I understand, accept and listen to my intuition!

Thank you Hexagon for taking my on a magical journey unlocking me to my ancient shamanic wisdom roots.

Awakening to the strength, courage and power of my soul in this lifetime is truly a blessing.

I hope you readers enjoyed the magical journey of the sacred geometrical shape of the Hexagon and its wisdom and knowledge being shared , processed and integrated. Have some fun and research a religion or spiritual texts that speaks to you and take your mind on a journey to the mystical side of life.

Knowledge is Wisdom and Wisdom is Power!

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