New Moon Fire Ceremony

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

The New Moon is a beautiful time to create your heart’s desires, goals and dreams.

The energy during this time of the lunar cycle is about creating the magic and the bliss you are worthy of and deserving of in your life. The New Moon represents new beginnings and it is a great time to begin new projects or daily habits such as create an alter or daily self love care rituals.

Manifest a life filled with purpose, truth, and happiness which is our God given birthright.

You are sweet, loving, kind and God’s perfect creation.

In order to create your manifestations to reality , you must have integrity to what you want by first being honest with yourself and second by believing in yourself.

During our New Moon ceremonies we will gather together as a community monthly to create, love, forgive, and heal. Upon arrival you will create a talismans which involves writing down goals, dreams, visions and creative ideas on paper. You then will connect with what you wrote down as you begin to nurture your inner child by decorating your talisman.

Use your creativity and feel free to draw and use stickers. Make sure you have fun and let your inner child express him/herself. Allow yourself to nourish your soul from a place of self expression.

Go outside and connect with nature prior to tying your talisman, You will decorate with flowers or trees that to infuse with your list with energy.

Please do not forget to send gratitude to Gaia (Mother Earth) for the plants and their offering. You will tie off your manifestation letter with yarn/string.

  • Tender to your dreams as you would to a plant!

  • Remember unconditional love and one day at a time!

  • Watch your heart’s desires begin to come to life.

By burning your talisman we ignite our passions with the powerful element of fire. Watch it burn to ashes aS the smoke rise to the heavens.

Know that Spirit has received your messages of hope, faith, and trust.

During this process you are showing the universe you are ready to take initiative to begin the powerful journey of healing, connection, and creation. Every day is an opportunity be kind towards yourself and others.

Let’s come together and inspire a ripple effect of kindness in the world in a safe a supportive community.

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