I am not separate from nature, everything has a season and cycle. I dance in the rhythm I am in, unknowingly growing. Contraction before the expansion, I breathe ever so gently. Slowing down guides me into the depths of the unknown. It is here I find myself exercising patience in the face of adversity. A brave heart reveals all that no longer serves. This type of pressure sculpts me into paving my road home to LOVE.

Duality is inevitable, the pendulum of life swings. There is no way around the universal laws, instead I choose to play the game. Ease arises from challenges in understanding the complexity. Every season serves its purpose, there is wisdom in not resisting. To witness all of me sets me free. This type of relationship with self has been held in prayer. To be in communion with the divinity reminds me that love is always the answer. Holding myself intimately allows me to rediscover safety in my mind and body. To live a soulful life connected to my sovereignty empowers me to trust in the process. The Ego must shed in order to de-armor the heart. It is not about taming the wild one within, it is about reigniting the truth of responsibility in order to lead with compassion, purpose and integrity.

Duality reminds me of the only two energies love and fear. I choose love time and time again, especially when it is hard. It always comes down to a matter of perspective then I remember the power of neutrality. I can resist and allow it to persist OR surrender to allowing it to be what it is. A test of self mastery, hidden in plain sight. Triggers offer an opportunity to move from the wound to the wisdom. Through flushing out the emotional reactions the nervous system has a chance to arrive somatically. Reorganization of thoughts, actions and beliefs imprints a new story to be told. Observing from a higher perspective allows me to notice what role is being played out and why in my experience.

This is the important part of rebooting, rewiring and ultimately reprogramming old habits, learned behaviors and traumatic experiences. The body is the controller to the game of life, all you need to learn is how to play. Embodied living is the way home to anchoring heaven on earth. It is a vulnerable process to address the sticky, dense, scared emotional states. By bringing the sacred to all of life encourages me to live in a reverence for love. Any space can be holy just by declaring my heart to say it is and then I take the appropriate action to nurture, love and respect myself. This courage gives me the strength to look fearlessly into the void of the unknown.

I leap in the direction of my truth, that I am loved and supported unconditionally. I surrender to the hard lessons as I live graciously with God as my guide. I release the burdens that weigh me down with endless worries. I choose safety in knowing that I am not separate from the tapestry of life. Every living being is infinitely supported through the divine intelligence of life. I am that, I am that, I AM. This is way home to my heart, there is always a solution in LOVE.

- Heartfelt Poetry Integration -

Ancient stirring to my bones

Deep yearning curiosity to know,

Ending and beginning time again,

Timeless time precious to no end,

Fully supported in inner-knowing,

Anchored in thy truth be told,

Wise women laughing in the shadows,

Never alone always in holy communion,

Matter of perspective -pendulum swing,

Divine intervention always aligning,

Shifting challenge to opportunity,

Power of presence in neutrality,

Possibility awaiting in each breath,

Simple joy beneath the surface,

Devoted to living in love faithfully,

The solution is simple you see,

Embodied commitment to self,

Safely supported in being free,

Contentment for what is here,

Grateful for all that has come,

Appreciation for all that life is,

No magic recipe to live delightfully,

Heartfelt magic in living wholeheartedly!

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