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Updated: Feb 8, 2018

I have always had a passion for fitness before I even realized that it would become a big part of my purpose. I enjoy being able to help others reach their goals as I reach mine. I am grateful to experience such a magical energy exchange amongst my students and I.

Being able to guide others through a fun, powerful, positive workout fills me with happiness.

I was recently a hot Pilates and Bootcamp instructor at Trufusion for the past two years. I loved every second being on the mat with such an inspiring TRU-FAMILY! As I set out on a new adventure, I listen to Spirit.

I follow my passion for fitness and move back to my roots in the Midwest.

"I trust in new beginnings and opportunities."

I LOVE to practice a combination workout of Pilates and water aerobics movements in the swimming pool!

This part of the journey will come in divine timing as I pursue my hearts desires to live on the beach in the future.

Aqua fit has been my own personal favorite workouts for the past 10 years before even discovering my love of Pilates and yoga. Swimming keeps me balanced, centered and happy. I love being able to combine my two favorite practices together. "POOLATTES". I am inspired to bring this practice everywhere!!

Pilates has motivated me in so many areas of my life such as getting over fear of public speaking and taking back my control after experiencing a depression which I gained 20+lbs. Taking care of my health physically, mentally, and spiritually are vital to keeping me on track with my life path.

I walked into Trufusions room in January of 2016 to begin a life changing training. Each day I am grateful for the lessons that I have gained from experiencing such a lack and low in my life. I had to experience such a hard time and suffering to bring me to where I am now. I was optimistic and unsure of how this would blossom into my life work but I needed to change.

I knew taking the first step towards growth would bring me a sense of fulfillment and purpose. I now have clarity, truth, and trust in the process. With enough handwork and intention you can achieve the impossible.

We are not as lost as we think, we just need to believe in ourselves more.
Life is challenging at times but it is in those moments you find your strengths.

The choice to change was up to me and I knew what needed to be done. I cancelled my New Years trip to Brazil and decided to commit to this training after almost getting another DUI. I would be lying if I said the journey was easy but I can say it was worth it.

There were days I had to learn the hard way from being hung over a few times and even still drunk from the night before in the beginning of my fitness/healing journey. After teaching a couple times in those conditions you really start to think about your actions and choices more.

Can you imagine teaching in 98degrees and 40% humidity..... It was brutal but I had to wear my game face and show up for my students, passion, career and myself.

HELL NO! I was not about to allow my shadows to take away something that made me happy!

I am so glad those days are behind me, I could never again to that to myself psychically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Depression is one hell of battle that most of experience at some point in life but we are stronger then these negative emotions and thoughts. It is just hard to see that when we feel so far gone.

I am so grateful for fitness and the ability to move, breathe, and connect to my mind, body , and Spirit.

Most of us all enjoy in some type of psychical activity. Use your practice as way to connect to yourself on a soul level. Use each breath as an opportunity to breathe with intention.

What makes you happy? What are you here to create?
  • Hiking.

  • Yoga.

  • Swimming

  • Sports

  • Boxing

  • HIIT Training

  • Running

  • Spin

  • Surfing

  • Skateboarding

  • Weight Training

  • Karate


I have always loved working out and being active since I was a kid. I played sports until I was 12 and then I let fear hold me back from trying out when I switched schools in 6th grade. I was still very active wether it would be riding bikes or going for long strolls after dinner when I lived in AZ with my cousins.

We would stargaze halfway through our ridiculously long hikes.

I even use to do 1,000 sit up a day.... ( Should have known then Pilates was my future.)

Think back to when you were a child what were you passionate about?

Find a way to be that kid everyday.

The Pilates training opened the doorway to success for me.... Feeling that sense of gratitude and achievement within myself was something I have not experienced for awhile. Fitness has changed my life in more ways then just 1. It has been my tool my entire life to deal with stress. I am so happy to have found my calling and is able to share it with all of you.

Please don't let fear, doubt, hurt, worry, lack or emptiness hold you back from living life with passion and purpose. Be strong and braver then your addictions and known that everything serves its purpose.

Be the light in the dark and fire up your heart's desires! Express yourself from a place of creativity.

Awaken to the child within.

" I love my friends and my friends love me."

Thank you Janet, Jeff, Reza, Ariana, Peter and Sophie for holding that space for me while I found myself and creative expression! Here is a photo of my first Park Pilates Class! You guys rocked and kicked some Pilates booty!

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