patience is the way.

The Definition of Patience- The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

What has patience taught me? I have learned I am the master of my OWN emotions. I am able to control how I choose to react in situations that I have no control over. In Aug of 2016 I sat with Mother Ayahuasca in the Heart of Peru, prior to drinking her earthy bitter tasting roots I set my intention to grow, “Dear Mother Ayahuasca show me patience, THANK YOU.” As my Shaman extended his arms out offering me the sweet nectars of life I took a moment to breathe, express my gratitude and open my heart to drinking her . During this time period of my journey I was unaware of how to set an intention, I definitely set myself up for the quest of patience on this one.

How you set your intention is VERY important you must be mindful of how to ask to receive. Speaking from a place of power and conviction is essential in all areas of life. Being new to my path I was just developing a relationship with the Law of Attraction, MYSELF, meditation, and the power of my word. This just goes to show I asked for patience , the only thing I can do is laugh at what I was signing myself up for the next 2 years.

This has been one of my longest learning lessons on my journey. Those who know me would tell you I use to be a major hot head who would get herself in trouble time again. Guess there is truth in everything that needs to said will be heard Thank you Mother Ayahuasca for teaching me patience.

Do you speak from a place of power or disempowerment?

I am going to - I need to - I try - I think - I might - I want…. Do you find yourself using these phrases when making a statement? I am guilty of stating ,” I TRY TO.”

These words disempower you from receiving. Take a moment to set the intention to shift your awareness to listen where do these words sit with you? Speaking from a place of conviction, belief and faith provide the gift of infinite blessings. Here a few examples on how to speak from a place of power.

  • I am grateful for patience!

  • I have faith in patience!

  • I believe in patience!

  • I trust in patience!

  • I create patience from within!

I am worthy to receive my dreams because of my patience in the times hardship and to never give up. As I continue to learn the importance of this useful tool I am able to receive my hearts desires in Divine Timing. Cutting cords with fear, expectations and timelines opens the doorway to golden opportunities that are aligned with my goals. In times of chaos, suffering and confusion I get to be reminded of patience. I am the creator of my own reality and have the power to choose anger or frustration or I can choose faith and trust in PATIENCE.

My journey has been a living testimony of when you decide to show up for yourself daily you can achieve your truest desires. By the support of patience and gratitude old illusions have been revealed, released and freed. Through this painful but YET beautiful awakening I see the beauty in the now. There is a tremendous amount of peace in honoring, surrendering and accepting today. Through seeking the truth behind it all my intuition has connected to my OWN inner wisdom. My heart thanks the support of the wise souls and teachers that have crossed my path and taught me what I know and understand to be Life.

How do you express your desires? DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ? Check in with your thought process when imagine your future... Do you feel confident in your success?

Do you find yourself having that split second of self doubt? Take a moment to breath and receive this valuable question. What is the underlying emotion behind your goals?

-Worry - Fear - Doubt - Anger- Frustration- OR -Belief - Faith - Love - Trust- Passion-

Expressing your desires from a place of belief is crucial even when you may not understand how you are going to make it to the finish line. Having patience in how the universe will reveal your master plan is key. We are conditioned to believe that we are in the control of how to achieve X,Y & Z but in reality we are NOT! Letting go of ALL false truths around being worthy, abundant and prosperous need to be identified. Through letting go of the things we cannot control we allow ourselves to shift to a state of flow. When we are in flow, in-tune and trust in our desired outcomes that is exactly what we will get. Remaining receptive to the signs, symbols and opportunities provides us comfort in the realm of the UNKNOWN.

Growing up scarcity thinking was very present in my family, my grandparents grew up poor and started from nothing. These beliefs around not having enough carried down through generations and has created a false truth around ABUNDANCE. Hoarding tendencies have became a karmic wound in the family that I now get to choose to free myself from. Prior to moving back to Illinois I sold all of my material items except for 6 boxes. During the shedding process I had to learn in order to make room for the new I must let go of the old physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually. I began to feel lighter as I freed myself from old attachments that no longer served my path of purpose. Understanding the Law of Attraction has gifted me many new beginnings of growth and opportunities to where I can replace the old with new items that better serve me today.

I nourish my Spirit with the belief of self worth, plenty , and limitless supply in my dreams. Focusing on the patience that goes into breeding long-term success allows me to wake up each day inspired, motivated and determined. I am patient in creating my dreams by being connected to my heart’s desires to give and receive. I no longer give power to my wounded inner-child who once lived in a state of lack materially, mentally and emotionally. I am grateful for the financial and material assistance of prayer in times of uncertainty, God always provides. I have experienced this beautiful connection directly multiple times since stepping fully onto my path. Since leaving my old ways of surviving, supporting and providing for myself I have found true happiness in following my passion. Letting of dancing was hard but it needed to be done if I ever wanted to truly flourish in creating a life beyond my wildest dreams. I let go of the false belief around not having enough money to pay bills, survive and live. By having the courage to express myself from a place of power I have been able spread my wings and transition through this new chapter of my LIFE. Through the unwavering faith and conviction of my word I have manifested a beautiful life.

I am grateful for patience as I continue to implement this useful tool into my everyday. I set the intention to breathe my way through the difficult times as I embrace beauty in the face of adversity. Patience is required to swim our way out of the current so we can achieve brighter, happier and more aligned outcomes with our TRUE SELF!

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