Updated: Dec 7, 2017

PERCEPTION - "The state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses."

See beyond the illusion your mind sometimes traps you in.

Our thoughts are powerful and determine the way a situation will unfold. We are constantly manifesting our path through self talk. Living in the past only allows you to hold on to regret and the emotions of fear in the present.

Accepting the lessons of past actions through forgiveness and compassion will allow you to release and let go of what is no longer serving your highest good. You can either be hard on yourself or grateful for the wisdom gained through embracing love. How you allow it to play out in your thoughts will continue to linger in the present and the future.

Are you kind to yourself with your words internally? Do you hold onto judgement?

As humans it is easy to get caught up in what you don't want and don't have instead of seeing how magnificent the present moment truly is.

Embrace the spiritual being you are, align yourself with love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

I am to guilty of being hard on myself at times but true freedom is accepting yourself and being in a state of allowance as the universe guides you , all you need to do is listen. Trust in your internal guidance turn off the mind chatter, step back from the situation and meditate through any situation in life.

“Operating from a place of fear, we buy into the belief that I’ve got to look out for me and mine because none else will. We lose our faith and stop trusting that Spirit will look after us. We become disconnected from other people, from ourselves, and from the sacred; we PERCEIVE that we’re on our own.”

(The four insights, Alberto Villoldo,PH.D)

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