Sacred Grove.

Aspen Tree before me,

Focus now wind in the breeze,

Purity radiating bright summer sun,

Altered path in living joyously,

Awareness! 360 birds eye view,

Advantage in Spirit livingly freely,

Transitioning cycles of death & rebirth,

Opportunity shared in Gaia’s sweet medicine,

Guided home safely, Grounded in peace,

Soaring to new heights of connectivity.

Alder Tree behind me,

Victory won overcoming worry,

Balance in releasing stale energy,

Foundation set for success,

No more negative emotions lingering,

Jaguars Spirit high in the trees,

Protected in love & compassion,

Awakening new found inner-strength,

Power in washing away the old,

444 leading me home! My angels sing,

Inspired to seek a colorful world,

Having faith in creating my own destiny,

Divinely held in the thy womb of thy mother,

Intune to hearing clearly, Oh so auspicious,

Enchanted forest of magic & play!

Ash tree above me,

Trinity of 3, Symbolic & sacred,

The power of synchronicity,

Love, joy & creativity!

Inner Goddess revealed,

Moon Mothers gentle flow,

Creating & Letting go,

Anchored in Selfless love,

Divine Feminine awakened,

Connection to loving everything,

Illuminating light above & so below.


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