Seasonal Transitions

Faded memories unbecoming,

Season of wisdom in motion,

Beyond the depths of thy ocean,

Truth revealed in self study,

Reflection of unconditional love,

Holding space for what is here,

Celebrating what once was,

Take a moment to pause,

Divinely aligned inspiration,

Stillness in motion subtle art,

Encoded in the land and seas,

Look to nature plentiful you will see,

Cycles of death and rebirth,

Surrender to allow that to be born,

Even trees lose their leaves,

Rest assured in the cosmic tapestry,

Never separate abundantly whole,

Resources offered oh so generously,

Open and receptive to God's grace,

Universal messages hidden in plain site,

Harmony in the spiral dance of life's journey,

Pressure in activation through the threshold,

Remember strength in vulnerability,

Contentment in remembering,

Rising tides water fertile seeds,

Do no harm by not resisting the process,

Purification pathway home to resilience,

Earth sustains and provides for all,

Beauty way of the heart-Already home,

Fire transformations and illuminates,

Open to your real eyes to reach samadhi,

Mirrors of life a chance for self realization,

Ebb and flow with gratitude for what must shed,

Into the void all is reborn and destined to be,

Growth in dropping all efforts in letting go,

Wind carries heartfelt intentions never alone,

Prayers received- LOVE is the answer,

Synchronistically flowing one step at time,

What you seek is seeking you,

JOY is the pleasure of being ALIVE,

Never lost- only found when not looking,

Playing in the cycles of co-creation,

Keep a light heart and a birds eye view,

Radiating calm trust in the journey,

Monkey mind no longer in the way,

Simply acknowledging what is here,

Embracing the rhythm of duality,

Remaining as neutral as I can BE,

Declare standing in ones truthfulness,

Focused on turning inward to hear clearly,

Way to BE not forcing or demanding,

Releasing all expectations and control,

Unbound, Unbound forever UNBOUND,

Patiently in a state of ease, what's meant to be,

Will always be- Undenying sacred birthright,

Nature does not rush and yet all blooms.

Possibility in yearning of the heart leading,

Compassionate leadership means to be FREE!

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