September 30, 2017

Today is a day to celebrate gratitude! I reflect on my emotions of how precious life is.

Life is unknowing, free, and ever flowing.

Many of you readers are wondering why today?

September 30 is my younger brother Michael Johns 20th birthday. This year is different than the past.

This year will be about enduring obstacles physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Early this summer June ,14,2017 to be exact our families lives would be forever changed, at 7:24am Michael got into a car accident. He was rushed to Loyola Hospital in Chicago ,IL with severe head trauma and will be in a coma state for the next month.

I will never forget the morning I received the devastating news when my sister Deirdre called me. My heart stopped and I instantly began to cry.

I knew I needed get on the quickest flight home.

I have heard past experiences of similar situations and knew the severity of head trauma especially with an impact like his.

He was on interstate 80 heading home after his fourth day on the job doing 12 hour shifts. This was his first overnight shift working his in his new construction job. Unaware of hard physically his new work was on his body he drove the 1 hour stretch to get home, as he neared his exit the unthinkable happened…


I new that driving tired was dangerous but never have had it happen to anyone I know.

It ended up being one of those things you wonder ,”can that really happen?”

I use to work 100 miles from my job when I was 20 and would drive home exhausted at 5am.

I too could have been in his shoes.

I remember some drives I would be so tired I’d have to roll down the window and smack myself in the the face a few times with my cold hands.

There would even be times I would close my eyes just for a few seconds because it felt so good.

MY angels have worked over time so many times for and I am forever grateful for them AND LOVE YOU!


If this speaks to you PLEASE stay at a friends house, hotel, or sleep it off in your car or under the stars. Nothing is worth risking your life or someone else’s.

Everything that needs to get done will get done in divine timing.

Trust the universe, have faith in Spirit , Love yourself and others.

Allowing my emotions to surface I write this feeling sadness but also great gratitude for the miracle and gift that the power of love, faith, and strength has provided my family.

The overwhelming amount of joy to be to share another birthday with him, supporting him and guiding him on this journey called life.

“Love can push the body past all normal limitations. It is love that gives us the strength to go on through any difficulties and obstacles that might arise in life. If we can develop true love inside ourselves we will find that anything is possible.”
(Love Is The Answer, Swamini Krishnamrita Prana)

What is life? LIFE is unknowing

Every morning you wake up same place, time, routine….You do most of the same things each week.

You become unaware of how we really have no control on how these events play out BUT think we do.

It becomes comfortable and familiar for we have done some of these things our whole life. In reality each second is new, limitless, and filled an abundance of outcomes.

Life is free and ever flowing in the direction you allow your heart and intuition to guide you.

Listen to the messages and the signs to receive. Your intuitive senses won’t fail you but your over thinking and mind will.

“God plus mind is man. Man minus mind is God.” Anonymous

Life is a miracle within itself, we are light, love and magical. See the beauty in you and others.

Share your vulnerabilities for they are your greatest strength.

When you begin to live life in a state a gratitude all that touches your heart is fruitful and prosperous.


  • Morning affirmations - 5 minutes of self love before getting out of bed. Focus on your breath, repeat affirmation, and hug yourself

  • Connect with a mantra that speaks to you. “OM SHANTI OM” is sanskrit for I am a peaceful soul. Mantras are fun look one up. Allow your heart to guide you on your own personal favorite.

  • Inhaling filling your body up with light through all your chakras and exhaling expanding your light. You can work with specific colors to strengthen and cleanse chakras.

  • Journal

  • Repeat positive affirmations throughout day. I like use them after the shower and look at myself in the mirror.

  • Seeing the good in others and being kind. Small gestures such as holding the door open for a stranger, saying hi , picking up littering, or simply smiling at a passing face.

POWER ANIMAL MESSAGE for me today from the Alligator Septemeber 30,2017.

“Looking behind I am filled with gratitude,Looking forward I am filled with vision,Looking upward I am filled with strength , Looking within I discover peace.” Apache Prayer

Being aware of Spirit and it’s message daily will allow more synchronicity in your life once you begin to raise your vibration and look inward.

The alligator came to me shortly after writing this personal story of what my brothers birthday means to me and why to celebrate life with a heart filled with gratitude.

As I drove following a car whose license plate said GATOR2 to Trufusion to teach my hot Pilates class, I then began to wonder what does the Alligator mean?

I love working with power animals so curiously I googled upon arrival to the studio.

As I pulled up the meaning behind the totem the Apache Prayer was there a synchronicity reflecting back on the powerful words of truth and wisdom I talked about in my Blog this morning.

I was filled with love and feelings of gratitude on the how the divine always responds with sweet messages to keep the faith through the vibration of number 2 as the Alligator shares it’s medicine of ancient earth knowledge.

Alligator is a power totem and urges you to tune into your 6 senses and your instincts together.

This a motherly animal totem, she is loving and protective.

Female Alligators are considered to be called the Great Mother dating back 100’s of years ago.

Connect to the cycles and rhythms of life!

Embrace the goddess within remain strong and patient in the face of adversity. The power of love, faith, and connection can help you endure any obstacles on your path. Know that you are protected by our Great Mother Earth herself and feel the support, love and nourishment she provides for us.

(Ruins ,Sacred Valley Peru)

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