-The Way Of The Heart-

New beginnings, Trusting before me,

Cycles ending ,Smooth transitions,

Listen closely to guidance received,

Driver seat buckled up & ready to go,

A new dawn is upon Gaia’s fertile soil,

Caterpillar messages of death & rebirth,

Held in the womb of thy Mother, AHO!

Awakened above me & so below,

Mirror image unlocks the key to be told,

Look in the reflection, You shall see,

Releasing all that is left to be freed,

Drift away into the depths of the deep,

See a horizon of long lost dreams,

Conch-Horn calling of another life,

Wisdom of pure love, Oh so joyful,

Connection to loving every living thing!

Innocent, kind & uplifting! AHO!

Lessons in hard cold truth behind me,

Oh yes, Losing anger, fear & greed,

Ascend past the old stories of sin,

Acceptance rolls out the red carpet,

It’s simple you know, Be willing,

Letting go of stories, Every lie told,

Subconscious garbage, Shed to light,

Your time has come, Your job is done,

Protection in love is healing, Shine bright!

Dance with the gentle breeze, AHO!

And so…She dove deep down into the depths of her soul!

Life's greatest lessons are often hidden behind what we call chaos, struggle or difficulties. Otherwise known as the cycles of death & rebirth, we are all interconnected. It is through the dark we are able to gain wisdom into these monumental moments of growth. Attuned to the natural rhythms of Mother Nature we all are aligned up to the potent energy of the Moon. We truly are the co-creators of our own reality on this journey. Believing in our ability to paint a COLORFUL LIFE opens the golden doorways of miracles! Developing trust that all is always taking place for our highest good soothes the process of transitions. Growing pains do not feel the most comfortable just like working out, "No pain No gain. We probably can't remember when we were young how horrible growing pains felt since that was like +20 years ago. I was the able to relive this experience through eyes of an 8 year old that I trained in boot-camp, yoga & Pilates, 3x week when I was living in Vegas in early 2017. His feet were in so much pain his mom had to take him the hospital because he couldn't even walk. Poor little guy. So yes growing pains feel like the whole world is crashing down, your subconscious garbage is present & you seem to be caught in a negative whirl wind. Don't worry this to shall pass :) Don't give power to fear instead forge a relationship with trusting your Angels. The Divine is always orchestrating behind the scenes wether we know it or not. If we take time to breath, release the uncontrollable & trust our path is being supported the ride becomes a lot more graceful.

In these moments we must stop, think, give, receive & make a choice. Life is filled with choices of resistance or acceptance, what do you choose? Solitude is precious when we experience noise, It is here our Spirit is seeking inner-child healing. We must heal the wounds of the past so they don't continue to play out in the present. Giving ourselves self love is the 1st step to connecting to your inner-child. When we give ourselves love, we take time to be one with Source energy. We are able to elevate our Spirit away from the noise & into the void of stillness. It is when we are here... One with the Great Mystery we are able to receive guidance from our prayers. Our Angels are always sending us gentle nudges towards the path of illumination. When we step off the path we become unaligned to what is best for our highest-self. This is when when it gets hectic but when we are trusting of the journey, we act from response. When we act from response VS. reaction we are able to make the best choice for all parties involved. Acting from response requires conscious awareness to go ask your higher-self, Angels & team for guidance. Faith will not steer our path blind but instead shine light into the darkness to be freed . Being able to shed light to the dark is a miracle within itself, this is the path to freedom. Acceptance is the medicine of the uncontrollable, patience is the teacher & trust is the healer. Have faith in these 3 important lessons of life acceptance, patience, & trust. The wisdom gained behind these vital roles allows our Spirits to soar past the old so we can embrace our new beginnings with a courageous open heart!

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