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Updated: Dec 25, 2017

Powerful and wise words were once told to me by my shaman, “The quietest person in the room is the wisest.” When you learn to be comfortable in silence is when the sage within you can begin to step forward. You begin to observe the world and allow your intuitive senses to awaken to wisdom and knowledge. Everything that needs to be heard will be heard in divine timing.

There are many levels to communication and several ways words can be interpreted.

Your true power resides when you begin to realize what is more important, to listen and be heard or fight to be right?

“I allow people to witness their behavior so I can help them move beyond it.”

(Gabrielle Bernstein, Miracles Now)

I know you are probably thinking how to not react when you come across a sticky situation of communication… I do realize we are humans and it’s natural to want to react.

  • STOP and take a deep inhale and remember to allow your breath to connect you to the spiritual being you are & move into the direction of empathy and understanding.

‘The key ingredient of empathy is presence: we are wholly present with the other party and what they are experiencing.”

(Nonviolent COMMUNICATION 3rd Edition, Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD)

Compassion is our natural state of being when we fill ourselves up with compassion we are living in alignment with LOVE.

When you begin to speak your truth honestly and from a place of love all is heard.


This is a beautiful mantra to work when you want to speak your truth from a place of compassion.

HUM is the bija mantra associated with your throat chakra. Connecting to your energy sources is important when working through blockages in your present .

Communication is a two way street sometimes the best choice is to disengage until gaining further clarity on how to further express yourself.

You can use these four components when needing to hear what you or the other person is

  1. Observing

  2. Feeling

  3. Needing

  4. Requesting

To gain further knowledge go within and meditate on how to express yourself in whatever situation arises in life. You are your own teacher, student, and sage.

I recommend purchasing Nonviolent Communication if you struggle in this area.

This book is game a changer, it has helped me expand my awareness on how to use these components in my daily life. This is not to say that we will always communicate clearly we are humans and our emotions sometimes do get the best of us. It is a constant practice to remember to slow down, breath, and apply learned knowledge.

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