Trust can be hard at times due to life experiences but when it’s backed behind faith it becomes a lot easier. Believing in the power of love is a direct line to your Angels. Having faith in their support and guidance allows you to receive the signs, symbols and messages. This isn’t to say there won’t be obstacles or challenges because that’s life. It is how you decide to choose to allow these moments to control your life.

Whenever working towards accomplishing a goal you must believe in your achievement, be patient and allow your path to unfold like a Lotus flower.

Give birth to your creative projects as you watch them emerge from dark murky waters and overcome the obstacles and fear of the unknown.

By being aware of the lessons behind each hurdle allows you to shift into a state of acceptance. You move into a state of receptivity as you blossom synchronistically on your path of fulfillment, like one beautiful vibrant petal at time.

Fill yourself up with gratitude for each achievement and reward of your hard-work.

What color are you? Allow your imagination to take you on a journey while reading this and get lost in what your heart’s desires are and what achievement looks and feels like to you.

What flower are you? Do you feel safe? Do you feel supported? What does this colors love feel like? Take a moment here....Close your eyes...

Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!

"Feel your surroundings, feel the essence, feel supported as you begin to connect with the Spirit of this flower!"

Inhale and exhale X3!

Inhale and exhale X3!

Inhale and exhale X3!

I am a Rose bush! A red Rose to be specific! A Rose symbolizes love and is associated with your Root Chakra.

Create your heart’s desires from a place of love, support,and acceptance is the message.

One mantra I have been using a lot for 2018 is ,“ I LET GO OF THE THINGS I CANNOT CONTROL, I MASTER MY EMOTIONS.”

Knowing we are not in control of how everything is going to play out and fall together is key to not getting disappointed and being harsh on yourself. Focusing on creating from a place of passion and fire is the fuel behind every success. Have faith and trust that if you are living from your heart and putting in the hard-work you are destined for achievement. Connect through prayer, meditation and self love practices as you watch your dreams begin to manifest.

The messages become more clear as you begin to develop a relationship with your intuition and trust the guidance you receive. Shift your perception into a state of acceptance for whatever chaos or difficulties arise.

Remember to remain grounded, focused and determined on the path of endurance. Honoring your hard-work, fear, and patience that is behind every great accomplishment .

Connect to your roots beneath the soil as your grow your intentions deep into the core of Mother Earth.

Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!

Tell her your worries, fears, doubts and insecurities. Open up to her and the wisdom gained through her trees, flowers, oceans, lakes, rivers and animals. Tell these beautiful plant Spirits your hopes, wishes and dreams.

Connect to the elements around you, below you , and above you. Trust in this effortless connection of love and compassion and in return she will nurture and guide on your path fulfilling your souls purpose.

How can be in service to her healing?
What are you here to create?
How will you positively leave your mark here on Earth?

This sacred connection between human and nature is an example of a beautiful energy exchange that we can experience any time or place. You are always surrounded by this beautiful connection of unconditional love. We need to support our Earth Mother during this time of rebirth! As we continue to focus on creating change within ourselves mentally, psychically, emotionally and spiritually, we realign, grow and transform together. Through healing ourselves back to a state of connection we choose to not give power to separation, anxiety and greed anymore. Awakening to living more mindful and appreciative for life on land and sea go hand in when walking the path of sacred connection.

I am focused on the importance of finding balance with my the male and female energies. It is crucial to riding the wave and flowing through the cycles of life when harnessing the masculine energy that is required to build your dreams but also remembering to move forward fearlessly in the direction of love. Stay rooted and connected to the feminine energy as you love yourself through the treacherous waters .

Duality is present in each moment, being reminded to be soft, gentle, and compassionate towards myself is key.

“Life is delicate like a flower and has an infinite amount of possibilities on its path.”

Connecting to my heart desires and spiritual love and devotion are the fundamental blocks I choose to live in alignment with. It has provided me inner-peace despite what situations arise I can always find gratitude for the simple things in these four areas of my life… Health , Wealth , Love and Self Expression.

Picture your life as a square and filling yourself up with these four components to achieve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Making these areas a priority in your life provides the gift of transformation and success.

Imagine yourself in the future.

Take yourself to that time and place as you travel

towards a bright future forging with golden opportunities on your path.

Connect to your surrounding , the smell, the old and new faces, day, time , and are inside or outside? See your ideal living destination… See your home, romantic partner, career, and family.

Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!

Begin to see your short term goals… Inhale and Exhale… Start to watch your life like a flip book achieving each short term goal knowing it brings you one step closer to your wildest dreams…

What is this dream? Dare to dream big! Dream the impossible! Fill your heart up with this vision!

“Inhale and Exhale..1,2,3.”
“Inhale and Exhale..1,2,3.”
“Inhale and Exhale..1,2,3.”

What does is feel like in your Heart center?

Connect with the smile on your face and the warmth of loved ones!

See how your success impacts the world, friends, family, animals, strangers, elderly, poor and sick!

Continue to focus on your breath as begin to connect to a color.

Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!

Trusting your intuition as you begin to breathe in this colors / emotions, feelings and form.

Breathe in this colors energy into the places where you feel tension in your body.

Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!
Inhale and exhale X3!

Connect with what emotions begin to arise! Are you sad are you happy? Open your heart to vulnerability as you begin to see the beauty of hard-work and endurance unfolding in between your Third Eye Chakra. Trusting your intuition and the vision of your future self and your inner knowing you are worthy to receive your hearts desires.

Remember to remain patient in the face of adversity.

Let go of the past hurts, failures, judgments, and fears on the path awakening and freedom. Choosing your happiness and knowing the beauty in being able to go any direction in life.

Powerful, free and majestic like a horse.

“( HORSE ANIMAL TOTEM MEDICINE/ Horse spirit animals are likely to

represent your inner strength and driving force in life. A typical symbolism for the horse is one of an animal representing physical strength, vitality, but also our psychological or emotional ability to go on in life..)”


  • According to psychologist Carl Jung, “Horses symbolize natural forces mastered by human beings. Just like we harness a horse to ride it or use its power, we can harness our own energy or nature’s to serve us and bring us further.”

  • In Greek mythology horse stands for intense desires and instincts.

  • Celtic believed a white horse meant purity and spirituality. It symbolizes light and goodness, wealth, freedom and power.

Lastly to close this sacred space of divine connection and healing send love and gratitude the to the animals, plants and Angel Spirits for their sweet messages of support, love and blessings.

I am grateful for my connection to ArchAngel Ariel and the blessings of love and abundance not only for myself but for my brother. I began to develop a bond with beautiful angelic being and her magnetic iridescent gold and pink heavenly ray back in June 2017.

I knew instantly that it was sign from heaven when our dad came back to the hospital with a stuffed animal. That Lion was much more then just a stuffed animal for my brother Michael during his first couple weeks of being in a coma. It was powerful a message from God above reassuring me during this time of helplessness that he was safe and protected.

She is the angel of strength and works side by side with ArchAngel Raphael the angel of Divine Healing.

I am so grateful for the Divine Healing and strength he has been gifted as I watch him blossom before my eyes.

Continued strength, courage and endurance is required to remain brave on this path of healing and uncertainty due to suffering from severe head trauma, he is already a miracle each day by being alive and defeating all odds. It goes to show where there is faith, unconditional love and support the impossible is possible. His progression continues to amaze us with each week that goes by. The power of love and God can harness miracles in your life.

She has been making her presence known to me the past few days more then usual and gifted my brother and I her beautiful presence during his Reiki session this past weekend January 22, 2018.

I curiously decided to look her up and share her essence and background story with my brother. I also shared the story about our dad and this powerful message behind this little tiger that has been at his bed side since the very beginning.

Her name is Ariel meaning “Lion of God.” Her energy is very grounding and playful. She is connected to the fairy realm and loves to help others fulfill their souls purpose when it comes to protecting the environment especially those in the water elements. She opens the gateway to success in manifesting your hearts desires.

Each week my connection and intuition continue to guide me on the path of security and comfort into the unknown. I pray for courage and strength as I continue on the path of developing unwavering faith and trusting in my heart’s desires and manifestations.

Archangel Ariel speaks to us through our Heart Chakra, as we begin open up to love and compassion we can feel her protective and healing energy soothe and nurture our heart space. Let go of the fear, worry, heartbreak and open to up to success in creating a beautiful life filled with passion, fire and confidence. She guides us on the path of financial safety and support so you can create your goals. Connect to her gold and pink light to feel this vibration of abundance, success, and love.

Believe in the power of your light! Ignite your hearts desires and don’t let anything hold you back from living your dreams.

One person is a difference, wake up to becoming the one person.

Everyday is an opportunity to wake up inspired to share our gifts and honor our talents. We open the gateway to cosmic divine love and light as we allow miraculous shifts to occur. We trust in Spirit as we transition through the cycles of life and emerge from our cocoons once dark and lonely into a beautiful butterfly.

Leave your mark and positive effect on the world.

The Butterfly Effect- noun
a cumulatively large effect that a very small natural force may produce over a period of time.

Divine timing will always work its magic there is no need to worry, rush or fear the future. Your only spiritual function is to be happy and trust me when I say that. You choose the power to trust in your happiness.

You are the creator or your own reality. Dare to dream it a great one! I hope you enjoyed this playful read! Have fun expanding your awareness into a state of receptivity. Open up to receive the guidance being sent to you on your path of growth and achievement.

Affirm now, " I AND READY TO RECEIVE LOVE! <333 "

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