Water Spirit

Healing is a lifelong path that I continue to walk down with a brave & courageous heart. Understanding that life is always flowing we must trust, in moving in the direction of nonresistance with the stream. When we experience confusion, anxiety & worry this is when we are moving in the opposite direction of our natural alignment. A wise truth was revealed earlier this week in a current book read that I purchased last month at Amma’s darshan. (“Opening to Grace, Swamini Krishnamirta Prana.”) The word “Responsibility,” stems from our action to respond VS. react. When we hold ourselves accountable to the rivers flow & cycles of nature reacting from a place of response becomes instinctive. When we take time to respond we are able to check in with our inner-guidance system known as our ,”Compass,” AKA ,”Intuition or Third Eye.”

Learning to act from this place of trust, inner-knowing and self love supports our path of ascension. Once we begin to develop a relationship with our higher self the magic of our Angels, guides & team are always present. This relationship brings forth the peace within when we live in our truth. By living in a place of truth one begins to fall in love with their totality. Shining in the light of who are ,”Love!”; We are able to perform countless miracles. Merging with the pure love of the Creator in our hearts is a direct line of Universal Consciousness. When we show up to heal the old wounds, stories, reactions to actions, past pain, sadness, loneliness, separation, judgement, self limiting behaviors, forgiveness & trauma our life reflects back the goodness & trust in our responses. By activating our responses to tap into Source energy instead of our emotions , we see how that one small act has an expansive amount of variables.

The ocean is infinite, expansive and filled with wonder of another world very much like our daily life, actions & choices. At times our mind chooses to run wild in a positive or negative state, this is when connecting to our inner-guidance system is the best tool to choose. By reflecting inward & asking our Angels , “Is this (Insert questions of choice or action,) in alignment with my higher self?” Our Angels love us unconditionally!

This a beautiful bond we are ALL capable of experiencing. Last week I experienced a few hurdles but it has been through these “Tsunamis,” I am offered the opportunity to heal. Letting go of the the thread attached to my reactions blesses my path of continual growth. My compassion and empathy for my higher self has lead me to a place of deep profound insight into acceptance of the things I can control. Honored I am filled with appreciation, wisdom & trust in the gifts offered by the Angels, to move forward on my path from a place of, “Response vs. Reaction.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

It is when I move from this place there is no confusion it leaves room only for trust, faith & joy. Remaining hopeful is vital but I choose to replace hope with faith. When we have strong faith in trusting in our souls only purpose which is to be happy, life flows a lot more graceful. Be appreciative for the times the current sweeps you under. Know that when you get back up again the storm is over & the Divine has worked its magic behind the scenes. What seems to be chaos typically has life greatest lessons gifted at the end of the rainbow. Choose to respond from this place of infinite connection to all living things. It is in the inner-silence of our minds the Great Mystery has a message waiting for us.

Water Spirit Sweet Whisper

Radiating Divine love, peace & joy,

Vibrational being that I AM!

Lifting old veils of false illusions,

Burning yellow, red & orange gold hues,

Spirit soaring high in the sky,

Eagles message of abundant waters,

Manifestation ready to receive,

Washing away the old emotions,

Light & love filling the void of separation,

Living in compassion of selfless service,

Smiles mirroring innocence & purity,

Kind gestures coexist on land & sea,

Balanced in living a higher frequency,

Water moves through the roots of each tree,

Giving life to the birds, worms, and humanity,

Providing nourishment to Gaia’s inhabitants,

Don’t you see silly? We must hurry,

The hare runs in the direction of living free,

Saving the water is important to the trees,

Blood of creation embedded deep into our Mother,

Thirst for knowledge fuels wisdom,

Nature is interconnected to everything,

Love moves with the stream,

Giving back in acts of self love,

We are the future of woven dreams!

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