Yoga fuels my soul!

I am sure many of you may have heard of yoga or met someone who practices yoga.. Now how many of you think I can never do that pose? I’m not flexible? I’m not a yogi? GUESS WHAT!!!!

These are all false beliefs… It is interesting how our mind has a way of tricking us out of the limitless things we are capable of.

Yoga- A spiritual practice that includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

I tried yoga for the first time in 2013 with one of my girlfriends who later ended up inspiring me to get my Pilates, Reiki and yoga certification in 2016. Having a daily fitness practice has always been important to me. It would help a lot with control of my moods since I use to be a hot head. Swimming always made me feel more grounded, balanced, and centered. Now when I think back at it yoga and swimming have a lot in common such as breath control and meditation. Swimming also would push me past my limits to continually swim more laps each week.

(Hot Yoga Bliss Retreats, Mexico 2016)

Since finding yoga in 2016 I have gained a fresh perspective, clarity and empowerment. I am no longer a hot head who is constantly getting in trouble and speaking up for myself at times that don’t actually matter.

I now have self control to release addictions, fears and doubts around creating my dreams. Connecting to a mat practice has inspired me to create a life beyond my wildest dreams. Using yoga, Reiki, and meditation together has gifted me a connection to myself, God/dess, Spirit and the beauty within everything. I feel a deep sense of peace, love and acceptance more each day through the willingness to grow. Trust me when I say you can have all of this too! All you have to do is have the courage to step onto the mat with the intention to succeed.

I am a very active person, I love to talk a lot and joke around, I’m pretty much a big kid at heart! Never did I think I could develop a relationship with being still, quiet and holding poses that looked impossible. This is the complete opposite to taking a body bump class which consisted of high energy and loud music.The concepts of yoga were exactly what I needed in my life!

It is so important to take time to realign our mind, body and breath through a daily practice. For me it’s yoga, Pilates, meditation, and swimming that keeps me balanced.

When we do this we connect to our higher self, we connect to everyone surrounding us, we connect to infinite Spirit!

Once we decide to try something new we are able to receive clarity through the inner-silence of our mind. SHUT OFF THE CHATTER! Holding a pose for 5 breathes requires a relationship with patience, focus and non-judgement. I see this with students and even myself from time to time get frustrated when we can’t hold a pose that we held last class. This is where you get to let go of the need for perfectionism through trusting you will always get what you need. That is the beauty of yoga there is always something learned about yourself by the end of the practice.

Not only has yoga guided me towards being the best version of myself but it helped me a lot physically.

I suffer from sciatic back pain from many years of wearing high heels to work. Those of who suffer from this know how uncomfortable it can be when it flares up. OUCH! Yoga has allowed me to find comfort through using various poses such as happy baby and pigeon pose to help me with this problem area. I know in time this injury will heal with the continual use of this beneficial practice. I have noticed my balancing series is getting stronger! Due to having a flat foot this is another problem area for me. My arches would feel discomfort throughout this part of the practice but I make it a goal to push through each pose.

Washing over me I feel a sense of completion when I breakthrough barriers. It feels so good to see my body become stronger from once limiting situations.I can spend more time walking around during a long day of errands without my feet bothering me.

I love when I step off the mat & I feel my posture more relaxed.

Each inhale I draw in my intention! Each exhale I release tension! This a powerful way to boost your practice by setting an affirmation or Mantra prior. Send this powerful healing tool to each part of your body where you feel stress, tension, and frustration. You can feel free of pain, discomfort and frustration once you allow yourself to surrender to yoga. This is not to say healing won’t take time….Of course with an injury patience, time and dedication is required for relief.


A couple of my goals that I currently have with yoga for myself is to have a powerful backbend and to hold a handstand. I have been working on these two poses for almost a year and I am just as eager to push myself further each day. I have now been able to hold a handstand for 2-3 seconds which is a major improvement from when I first started. My back bend is becoming stronger : ) !!!! We carry our life force energy in our spine it is so important we take care of our flexibility to live healthy, happy, and open.

Shoulder pain/ Upper back pain can be a sign of having a closed Heart Chakra.

Be open to give and receive through living in the vibration of love and gratitude.

  1. Be compassionate!

  2. Open your heart to vulnerability

  3. Be in service to your self love healing


  • Mid Back/ Thoracic spine can be a sign of an imbalance in your Solar Plexus Chakra

Release fear, insecurities, false beliefs. TAKE BACK YOUR CONFIDENCE!

  1. Live in alignment with your truth

  2. What are your core values and beliefs?

  3. Do you live in judgement?

  • Lower back/ Lumbar spine can be a sign of creativity block in your Sacral Chakra.

Find your passion through creative expression. Release any insecurities around your sexual energy and find balance with your female/male energy to better birth your creative projects.

  1. Female energy- Nurture, compassionate, & caring.

  2. Male energy- Provider, survivor, & protector.

YES! We all have both of these energies within us, We are all connected and have the ability to tap into this powerful life source energy. Bring your future goals, dreams and aspirations to live here in this Chakra.

I am beyond grateful to live a life filled with passion, beauty and deep love for myself.

I encourage anyone who hasn’t stepped onto the mat to give it a try in 2018. You never know what might change your life for the better. Believe in new beginnings of joy, faith and trust!

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