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Bachelorette Parties, Weddings, Girls Vacation, Baby Showers, Girls Night To Self Care & Connect 

Get your group together for an interactive evening that enhances connection, reduces stress and increases relaxation. Enjoy a fun environment to connect with yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Partake in ceremony, ritual and devotion in honoring the feminine. Have a great time with your loved ones doing something that nurtures the mind and body. When we relax, we feel safe in opening our hearts. Wellness parties are open to all ages and occasions. 

Half or full day options depending upon the groups needs. 



Schools, Senior Centers, Daycare centers

Have you considered the positive impact of bringing a health and wellness program into your community? Establish a peaceful environment with a practice that reduces stress, relaxes the mind and body, supports pain physically, promotes the message of self love and self care and creates a caring space for the community. 


Encourage a healthy mind and body with a practice that is suitable for all ages. Role Model a healthy future by being a pioneer in changing the way we address mental health. Yoga creates union within the mind and body. Recovery is essential when on the yoga mat. Create balance between having a high impact, go-go-go lifestyle by adopting a program that is suitable for your community. 

It is important to develop core values based on love and acceptance early on life so they grow up aware of the hidden truth that all is always working out for me. Each day is an opportunity to learn something new. We must never forget that our imagination is our inner child's essence. As technology evolves these younger generations are over stimulated by TV, social media, video games and social pressures of being accepted. This can cause a disconnection from their sense of identity. Children deserve to be heard. Yoga, meditation and mindful stories give them the space to be seen in their unique self expression.

Rates vary upon frequency and class sizes $100-150, please contact to book an assessment call. Group programs are customizable.