• Guided Meditation Journey- Center, calm & relax the mind & body. ( Sound healing, mantra, Chakra Balancing ,breathwork & guided visual.) 

Meditation encourages one to move from the head and into the heart. When we sit within the inner-void of the mind, body and soul we take time to recharge. Meditation is a practice that gives you permission to never pour from an empty cup. It's essential to practice daily  so that you begin to train the mind and body to be still. To meet, love and accept all parts of you. This is great way to come back to nuetral in the midst of everuday life, ease tension, anxiety and promote mental clarity and focus. I see meditation as an opportunity to pause. Just like we update our technology, what are you doing to upgrade your mindset? 


Valid 6 months from purchase date, $60 per lesson

10 Meditation Class Package