What is Included-

  • 12 monthly reoccuring classes, 3X weekly. Fitness, Yoga and nutrition accountability support : meal plan guidance, recipe and meal prepping education  is  the core foundation of this program.

Fitness Services 

  • Pilates: 60 Minutes - Builds strength, improves flexibility, balance, inner awareness through breathing and developing core strength. Pilates is a powerful practice for building the pelvic floor, tone and strengthening the key muscle groups. Increase flexibility within the ligaments, mind and body. Enjoy this 60 minute power hour for the chakras. 
  • Bootcamp : 60 Minutes - A combination of power yoga, Pilates & kettlebells. Builds strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning. This class builds a booty, tones your core, balances and foundation. 
  • HIIT : 60 Minutes - High Interval Cardio training, focus on isolated movements in between cardio hits to maximize a full body work out. Build stanima in the cardio vascular system with fitness practice


-Yoga Services - (Offering Reiki for yin yoga), (Yoga classes to be offered on a need by need basis)


  • Yin Yoga focuses on holding deep seated restorative poses, all seated or laying down. begin to nurture your fascia tissue as you hold poses 2-3 minutes. After you hold poses for 60 seconds you begin to support the conenctive tissue. We hold our emotions, stress and dis'ease in the body. Drop into your your gentle nature as you ease into all tension. This practice is about allowing the body to lengthen and move beyond limitations. We never force this practice we come back to our mother like qualities. Yin is feminine essense of our wellbeing. Create harmony within the yin and yang within. Embrace stillness during this slow moving yoga practice. ( Foam roller are welcome if you would like to do a foam roller yin yoga format to work with tight muslces.)


  • Vinyasa Yoga is a power flow that focuses on stanima, endurance, balance and alignment of the mind and body. Connect with your hearts intention as it moves you through this challenging class. All levels available.


  • Yoga Strength consists of using dumb-bells throughout the practice for an extra boost of strenghthening and toning. You feel this class on levels- mind, body and soul. You will create a sesne of perseverance as you breakthrough through the challenges of this vigorous class.


Nutrition Accountability

Ayurveda Health Chart, lifestyle meal guidance, recipes, meal plans and suggested food pairings. This is about meeting you where you are at in the kitchen. So that you can develop a lifestyle routine that is tailored to your specific needs. Education on alternative solutions to preservatives, gmos, junk food such as sweets and dietary sensitivities. Ayurveda is a 5000 year science for the body, which in sanskrit means, " Knowledge of life." Nutrition plays a key role in ones overall wellness. Wether you are looking to lose weight, develop new habits, learn how to cook and meal prep or simply desire to seek a more all natural lifestyle this program is for you.  Holistic solutions assist in addressing each individual as a whole. There is no size fits all lifestyle. Which mean it truly is about getting to know the root of who you are and what you wish to transform in your health.


All disease manifest from dis"ease". It's time to shift from coping through ones daily challenges and thrive into right action. Progress over perfection always. For patience, kindness, forgiveness and compassion is the foundation behind all change. 


1:1 Monthly Membership- Fitness, yoga & nutrition coaching, 3X week

    • Fitness Classes/ 60 Minutes
    • Yoga Classes/ 60 Minutes, yoga on a need basis
    • Nutrition meals shared VIA email, all sessions include accountability check ins