• 12 Fitness, Yoga or Meditation Sessions 3X Week

Fitness Services 

  • Pilates Class Description- 60 Minutes/ Builds strength, improves flexibility, balance, inner awareness through breathing and developing core strength.
  • Bootcamp Class Description - 60 Minutes/ A combination of power yoga, Pilates & kettlebells. Builds strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning.

-Yoga Private Instruction Services - (Offers Reiki for yin yoga)

  • Vinyasa Class-  Take on a total mind, body & breath transformation! Students will focus on building strength, flexibility, balance & concentration. Enjoy a vigorous flow with a variety of poses while cleansing the body and calming the mind.


  • Yoga Strength - This class focuses on building strength, foundation & endurance within the mind, body & Spirit. All levels yoga welcome it’s the perfect combination of a gentle and steady flow using light dumbbells. If you are ready to challenge your limits allowing oneself to break all barriers please join for 75 minutes of healing on all levels using a variety of breathing techniques & poses.


  • Candlelight Aroma Yin Yoga- Relax, balance & align the body as this class focuses on restoring the yin energy. Holding 7-10 poses for 2-3 minutes opens the mind, body & Spirit by sitting with temporary discomfort as the week is released. Learn to use a variety of techniques will assist in surrendering all distractions. (breathwork , tap therapy, aromatherapy.) Enjoy a soothing, nurturing & gentle practice as you give back yourself. Self love is the best kind of love!


  • Yin Infused - Align, balance & increase flexibility as this class will target key muscles groups. Open to all levels of yoga! Increase awareness within the body by learning how to use a variety of techniques. (Breathwork & Tap Therapy) Holding 7-10 poses for 2-3 minutes opens the mind, body & Spirit to restoring our Yin energy. Sit with any temporary discomfort by adding a nice touch using the foam rollers. Move tension, blockages & stress out of the body physically, mentally & emotionally .


Meditation Services 

20 Minutes Aroma Yin Yoga Included 

  • Sound Therapy- Instrument inspired meditation as the vibration of the healing powers of music cleanse and clear your auric field. 
  • Chakra Balancing Meditation- Chakra Balancing consultation prior to Bija mantra meditation connected to which one of your 7 energy sources need healing. 
  • Guided Meditation- Using the power of visualization to take you on a journey inward to gain peace of mind.
  •  Breathwork meditation- Different variation breathing patterns that release and let go of stored emotions by the power of cleansing breathes. 

Ambitious Membership /In Person Use Only

    • Fitness Classes/ 75 Minutes
    • Yoga Classes/75 Minutes
    • Guided Meditations 

    12 Lessons of your choice