Support your mind, body and breath awareness as you balance your physical and emotional strength. Each time you show up to the mat is an opportunity to breathe out stress and anxiety leaving you feeling calm and peaceful.


Includes - Your choice of the following


  • 12 Sessions -Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp or Meditation 


Pilates Class Description- 60 Minutes/ Builds strength, improves flexibility, balance, inner awareness through breathing and developing core strength.


Bootcamp Class Description - 60 Minutes/ A combination of power yoga, Pilates & kettlebells. Builds strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning.


Yoga Class Description- A spiritual practice using physical postures (asanas), deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to the body. 


  • Vinyasa Yoga- Vigorous flow moving from a variety of poses connected to the breath. Enhances strength, endurance & breath awareness.


  • Yin Yoga- 7-10 poses, holding 2-3 minutes  , rebalances our compassionate, nurturing & intuitive Feminine energy, decreases stress, anxiety & eases the mind, body & Spirit. 


Amethyst Online Membership

    • Fitness/ 75 Minutes includng 15 minutes guided meditation at end of 60 minute fitness session
    • Yoga/ 75 Minutes