• Flow through your practice with grace and ease. Show up to your mat weekly with integrity to achieving your heart desires. ( YIN , STRENGTH OR VINYASA) -


  • Yin Yoga focuses on holding deep seated restorative poses, all seated or laying down. begin to nurture your fascia tissue as you hold poses 2-3 minutes. After you hold poses for 60 seconds you begin to support the conenctive tissue. We hold our emotions, stress and dis'ease in the body. Drop into your your gentle nature as you ease into all tension. This practice is about allowing the body to lengthen and move beyond limitations. We never force this practice we come back to our mother like qualities. Yin is feminine essense of our wellbeing. Create harmony within the yin and yang within. Embrace stillness during this slow moving yoga practice. 
  • Vinyasa Yoga is a power flow that focuses on stanima, endurance, balance and alignment of the mind and body. Connect with your hearts intention as it moves you through this challenging class. All levels available.
  • Yoga Strength consists of using dumb-bells throughout the practice for an extra boost of strenghthening and toning.  You feel this class on levels- mind, body and soul. You will create a sesne of perseverance as you breakthrough through the challenges of this vigorous class.


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5 Yoga Class Package

    • 60 Minutes