Are you ready to explore your heart felt desires? Ready to release and let go to the medicine of surrender? Partake in a retreat for your mind, body and soul. Commit to showing for yourself as you take time away to recharge your light. 

  • Yoga, Chakra Healing Meditation , Chakra Balancing Reiki Session, Positive Guidance Reading Package and healing arts DIY ceremony 


Begin awakening your body as you move through a yoga practice to support in releasing any tension or stored emoitions. During this flow you become aware of connecting to your energy centers  known as your chakras. Take time to go inward as you nourish yourself.


A chakra balancing consulation is required prior to a chakra guided meditation to help cleanse any blockages or stale energy. Our chakras are considered to be our subtle enegry body as known as your koshas. Each one is associated with the body, emotional and mental wellbeing. This is our spiritual body. Due to lifes traumas, fears, worries and stressors we may find oursleves blocked, over active or stagnant. This may reflect back in relationships, career, illnesses, addictions, fears, worries, anger, hurt, attachments and patterns that are occuring. 


Connect to your inner self as reiki's light source energy cleanses any impurties and strengthens your energy centers. Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing modality that means, "Universal Life Force Energy."  It supports in raising ones virbation with love, forgiveness and compassion being the foundation to transfromation. 


Activate your light , love , and inner peace! To gain further clarity enjoy choosing an oracle deck for a positive guidance reading. 

Inner Peace Healing 1/2 day Retreat

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  • $300

  • 3-4hours