• Pilates: 60 Minutes - Builds strength, improves flexibility, balance, inner awareness through breathing and developing core strength. Pilates is a powerful practice for building the pelvic floor, tone and strengthening the key muscle groups. Increase flexibility within the ligaments, mind and body. Enjoy this 60 minute power hour for the chakras. 


  • Bootcamp : 60 Minutes - A combination of power yoga, Pilates & kettlebells. Builds strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning. This class builds a booty, tones your core, balances and foundation. 


  • HIIT : 60 Minutes - High Interval Cardio training, focus on isolated movements in between cardio hits to maximize a full body work out. Build stanima in the cardio vascular system with fitness practice

Individual Pilates Session Fitness Formats

    • 60 Minutes
    • High Impact


  • $75 Single Session