What is a house blessing or clearing? A house blessing is a clearing ritual to cleanse the energy of your home. Whether it's moving in day or moving out this is a perfect time to ground, clear, let go or create space to welcome the new. A house blessing provides a safe home to create beginnings, honor endings or clear stagnantation. If you are feeling lack of motivation, experience miscommunication or feel you are unable to relax due to the environment, this session may benefit your household.


Recently separated, recent break, greif after a loss? A clearing offers an opportunity to welcome fresh energy into the home.  Sage removes negative energy from the space and provides blessings. Reiki is offered during the session. This energy healing modality offers love, compassion and forgiveness. Reiki means universal life force energy. Give permission to bless and release all that longer serves. By honoring the cycles of death and rebirth with devotion, ceremony and ritual.


Begin to invite what you dare to create into your home.  A house blessing is a great way to amplify the vibration of your home. Pause for inspiration during this journey inward as you are lead through a guided meditation. 


Set an intention prior to arrival. Get  clear by tuning the feelings, memories and traditions you would like anchor into the session. Upon arrival Alicia leads you with a  reiki guided meditation that illuminates the hearts intention for your home, foundation, family, safety and security .  Our home is associated with the root chakra. When one is balanced here they feel safe, loved, protected and accepted. Participate in a reiki blessing while you enjoy a sound bath during the clearing. A quiet space is required. Please no distractions during the cleansing.


Alicia provides intutive insight at the end of session. Sessions are anywhere between 90 minutes to hours. All rooms and floors need to be accessible. Each room is to be blessed in all four corners. It is recommened to do any removal of items that no longer serve you. 

Reiki House Blessing