APRIL 20-27TH 2023

awakened women's retreat

Come join Inspiration Is Life for a Women’s Wellness Gathering in sunny Punta Gorda, FL this upcoming April 20-27th 2023.  This is an all inclusive retreat for those lovely ladies who feel the call. We are looking forward to fostering sisterhood, healing and gratitude for the Divine Feminine as we will be honoring the New Moon in Aries and Earth Day. Reconnect with your playful, intuitive and embodied self. This retreat is a safe space to explore what womanhood is to you as you deepen your connection with the wild women within. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in the elemental healing of wildlife, beaches, sunshine and enjoy an energy vortex.


 Awaken to the ancient wisdom you carry within your heart's truth by immersing yourself in a 6 night / 7 day retreat. Move, breathe, dance, create and ignite your intention with all that you dare to express. Activate your courageous heart in walking the less traveled road in your deepest desires. Learn ways of getting out of the head and into your heart through bringing the ceremony to your day to day. At this retreat you will purify your mind, body and soul with daily somatic techniques, yoga, meditation, herbalism, Ayurveda, reiki, shamanic healing, medicine wheel, womb wisdom, Priestess practices and intimacy building exercises. 


Align to joy, passion and pleasure to being the foundation of turning on your senses. Embrace the unique creative gifts of honoring your voice. Rest, relax and restore by receiving the magic of being held in a women’s sacred circle.


You will leave this retreat with an understanding of the ancient ways of living in connection with the maiden, mother and crone. Begin to honor the sacredness of your truth with self love and compassion. Nurture your body with kindness and acceptance. Gain clarity and confidence in listening to your inner-knowing by unplugging from everyday distractions and the noise of the outside world. Together we heal, inspire and uplift our communities. An empowered woman is an unstoppable woman. Break Free from all barriers that stand in the way of LOVE. Participate in a trauma informed Women’s Wellness Retreat, this is a safe space to come as you are.

At this retreat you will nourish your mind, body and soul. Eat nourishing meals that keep your temple healthy and vibrant. Detox from harsh chemicals, foods that cause inflammation and processed sugars. Enjoy organic meals that are made to serve your bodied spiritual health and wellbeing. Enjoy juices, superfoods and mock-tails pools side that are focused on supporting your gut. This is a substance free retreat. 



SHARED DOUBLE BUNGALOW, private bathroom and small kitchenette.

( 10 SPOTS LEFT ) 

Private Bungalow upon request ONLY 2 spots, $2999

Payment Plan Options must be paid off 45 days before the retreat

No full refund 90 days before the retreat you will lose your initial deposit of 25%, only partial 50% refund 60 days, no refund 45 days before the retreat. 

Put your first deposit down as early as October for 5 months of payments for those who desire financial support to make this dream come true.


This retreat requires a consultation call to connect prior to ensure the best guest experience.

meet your space holders

Alicia Buivis has a playful spirit, intuitive nature & radiates an inner child that offers warmth. Her passion is to support those who are seeking to live with self love as the foundation. She believes emotional regulation is the root to fostering trust in ones self. Befriending the emotions allows space for compassionate presence.

Alicia helps those she serves in doing the  inventory around identify their core values,  implement boundaries, address limiting behavioral patterns and beliefs that keep them blocked.  


Alicia is a 750 Hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher with an additional background in Yin Yoga, Raising Conscious Kids , Pilates, Ayurveda Medicine, Somatic Attachment Therapy, Mystery School Priestess Codes & is a Reiki Master.  She helps those lead with a heart centered focus on becoming the author of their reality VS. a victim to their past conditioning, fears and tribulations.


" I am most looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing my love for mindfulness and healing." Alicia <3


Carved by the desert sun, Andrea is a full spectrum medicine woman. Curandera, reclaiming her roots and what it means to walk through life in a good way. Her main modalities are body, breath, & sound. A reminder that everything you need is already within you. She drops the fluff, and invites the raw, wild and untamed version of you to come fully online. She curates sacred spaces for you to dive into the depths of your wounds, and illuminate the wisdom. Blending modalities from many walks of life, she is a multi dimensional way shower. Ancient wisdom for a modern age, she is here to support you in navigating these transitional times by holding a mirror to  your blind spots, and reminding you to love your shadow just as much as you love your light. 


Kendrina draws on her 15+ year expertise in the fields of holistic health, sacred sexuality, indigenous wisdom, traditional medicines, energy healing, sound therapy, yoga, meditation, and trauma release to curate transformational experiences and healing ceremonies that bring alignment to body, mind and spirit. 


As a former Ivy Leage-educated Executive, she knows firsthand the challenges of burnout, stress and of not living in alignment with your soul’s true calling.  She is passionate about helping others obtain greater vitality and reconnection with their authentic, fully embodied Selves, rooted in the path of choosing love over fear.


DAY 1- Honoring Lunar Wisdom 

3PM- Meet & Greet Our Sisters

5:30PM- Family Dinner

6:30-9:30PM- Opening New Moon Ceremony and Slumber Party Movie followed by girl talk : Embody the feminine archetypes 


DAY 2-  Sacred Art Of Temple

8-9AM, Hatha Yoga led by Andrea, Akashic Heart Activation Meditation led by Alicia  

9:30 AM Breakfast 


11-12PM- Temple of Isis and Priestess Temple Work led by Kendrinna + Crystal Grid Workshop by Alicia 


2-3PM Peace River - Herbal Womb Rites Passage Ceremony led by Alicia & Andrea OPTIONAL Ceremony w/ Kendrinna afterwards or break until dinner

5:30PM- Dinner

7-9PM- Violet flame clearing + yin yoga & reiki led by Alicia + Daily evening tea ceremony supported by Andrea and Kendrina (Mauna until after breakfast)


DAY 3- Wind of the South- Serpent Wisdom

8-9AM- Kundalini Yoga led by Kendrinna + Healing Mantra Meditation/ Collective Healing Prayer led by Alicia

9AM Breakfast

10-3:30PM- Siesta Beach Energy Vortex (Quartz Sand Beach!) -  Earth Day Ceremony led by Kendrinna + Lemurian Water Code Activation led by Alicia, free time afterwards


7-9PM - Somatic Release Shaking led by Kendrinna  +  Song Circle with Sensual Dance led by Andrea + followed by a Shamanic Illumination Journey co-facilitated Alicia, Andrea and Kendrinna 



DAY 4- Wind of the W, Jaguar 

8-9AM- Pilates followed by a Somatic Parts Meditation, Accepting The Inner Critic + Ho'oponopono led by Alicia 

9:15AM Light Breakfast 

10-12PM- Cacao Ceremony led by Alicia + Reconnect to your wombs wisdom workshop by Andrea, followed by a Sound bath led by Kendrinna



5PM- Dinner Family Style Cooking Ayurveda Nutrition Workshop led by Alicia

6PM- Dinner, we will eat what we cooked 

7-9PM- Aromatherapy Chakra workshop w/ breath-work led by Alicia, followed by Reiki Yin Yoga led by Andrea 

DAY 5- Wind of N, Hummingbird 

8-9AM- Vinyasa Yoga, + Pendulation Somatic Meditation led by Alicia

9:30 AM Breakfast , be ready to leave 

10:15AM Leave for Kayaking Adventure to see dolphins and manatees 

3PM- BREAK until dinner

Dinner 5:30PM

7-9PM- Sister circle Intimacy Building Exercises: Pillow Talk led by Andrea + Womb Channeling for Inner Heart Wall Clearing led by Alicia

DAY 6- Wind of the East, Condor 

8-9AM- Into Your Senses Partner Yoga led by Andrea + Tantra Meditation led by Kendrinna

9:30 AM Breakfast 

10:15AM- 2PM- HIKE, Elemental Healing + Ancestral Wisdom Workshop led by Andrea+  Picnic Style Lunch during hike 


Dinner 5:30PM

7-9PM-  Unmasking the wounded feminine led by Andrea, Conscious Healing Talk integrated with EFT TAPPING followed by a Stargazing Activation Meditation led by Alicia 

DAY 7- Grandfather Sun Closing Ceremony, Gratitude Circle 

8-9:30AM- Vinyasa Yoga + Priestess Gratitude Closing Ceremony

10AM- Breakfast 

Check out 12PM



Jackie uses her deep connection with food as medicine. Her approach to preparing meals is using simple, quality-sourced ingredients that leaves people feeling nourished and loved from the inside out. She’s spent her time working on organic, regenerative farms the past year to take her passion of cooking and healing to the next level and will be feeding our bodies and souls during our time at the retreat.