Join Inspiration Is Life for a transformational heart activation healing retreat. We will be partaking in celebrating an abundance of new beginnings in the vortex of Sedona, AZ, at Angel Landing Valley. Pack your bags & set your intention to participate in this life changing weekend. Save the date May 13th-17th, invite your inner child to play, laugh, dance & feel safe in vulnerability. By choosing to move beyond what doesn’t serve your well-being, you get to illuminate fears with courage. We will release our deepest wishes under the New Moon in Taurus. This is a time to liberate yourself into what your soul feels called to create. Know by opening your heart, you are enough. This 4 night, 5 Day retreat will offer a sacred space for you to embrace the sweet nectars of life. Your time has come to return home to the heart of Pachamama, as we call forth the elementals. This retreat is for those who are ready to empower themselves by embracing love & compassion. When we choose to create from a place of inspiration, we are connected to passion, self love, health & healing. It is up to each individual to take charge for what direction they choose to manifest in life.


Get in alignment with your vision during a vision quest, this is a time to ground into your new beginnings. Get connected to stillness, give yourself permission to receive the medicine offered in nature.

Remember the wisdom within ”Nature, Nurtures!”

Practice daily morning yoga, chakra guided meditations, Cacao Ceremony, Sacred dance, Crystal Grid Activation, learn how to work with the medicine wheel &  angels. In the evening process & integrate your day by relaxing into the night with an aroma yin yoga class followed by a reiki circle. During your stay enjoy fresh organic plant based meals, fresh juices after yoga & herbal teas before bed. We will have an open discussion on how our relationship to food impacts our consciousness, self love, forgiveness, acceptance & share practices that cultivate connection to non-attachment. 

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This is the price for the retreat including accommodations activities, food, Ceremony, day adventure spent in nature hiking the Sedona AZ, Energy Vortex.


  • Skylight Galactic Private King Size Bed Cottage , private bathroom in bath house -  (Limited to 2), Couples rate - 2,500


  • Skylight 2 Single Sized Bed / Shared Room , Private bathroom in bat hhouse-  $1,600  (Limited to 8)

  • Skylight Single Bed / Triple Room- Share Private bathroom in bath house- $1400

(Limited to 3 ) 

10% of retreat proceeds are donated to a non-profit charity; Earth Club,Inc. Be a part of a community that believes, "Together We Make A Difference."



  • Day 1 -Evening- Wind of the South, Opening Cacao Fire Dance Ceremony + Vision Board (Element of Fire)​​

  • Day 2 Morning- Wind of the West, Crystal Grid Activation, Reiki Meditation prior to Energy Vortex hike + Vision Quest in the AM (Air Element) 

  • Day 2 Evening- Aroma Yin Yoga, New Moon Manifestation Circle/ Reiki Healing

  • Day 3 Morning- Wind of the North, Vinyasa Yoga & Angel Connection Meditation + Sweat Lodge Ceremony*  (Water Element)

  • Day 3 Evening- Water Cleansing Ceremony + Aroma Yin Yoga, Chakra Activation Reiki  

  • Day 4 Morning- Wind of the East, Yoga Chakra Series/ Aroma Therapy Meditation + Labyrinth Walk  (Earth Element)

  • Day 4 Evening- Mandala Beautification New Moon Ceremony

  • Day 5 Morning- Gratitude Closing Circle- Morning Yoga + Heart Meditation &  organic superfood fuel to go, Educational talk on how our food impacts our consciousness  (Ether Element)


*Please sign up ahead of time if you would like to participate in an optional , donation based Temazcal, sweat lodge ceremony.

(If you are unsure of your ability to participate please contact a physician.) 


 Connect with nature as you anchor your inner vision into reality. You will be guided on a journey inward as you harmonize with your souls calling. By awakening your to child like wonder,  you make a choice to dream big. This retreat will offer you the tools to unleash your inner-child.

Alicia Buivis/ Founder is a free spirited, fun loving soul with a passion to inspire humanity to awaken to their hearts purest intentions. She uses yoga, fitness, meditation & Reiki as tool to expand ones awareness into the depths of what they feel called to create. Her journey has lead her into becoming a 300 Hour YTT certified, 75 Hour Pilates certified & Reiki Master in 2016. She continues to build a relationship to the beauty that blooms when we choose self love. She is grateful for the wisdom these sacred gifts have offered her personal growth, healing & transformation. Currently Alicia Buivis is enrolled at Yoga Veda Institute furthering her education into become an Ayurveda Clinical Practioner. Her playful spirit, intuitive nature & inner-child offers warmth. She is dedicated to supporting others on their path of well-being. Living life fully in these 4 main pillars of ”Health, Wealth, Love & Self Expression” offer a road map to attaining balance.


My name is Lucero Rodríguez and most know me by Lucy. I am originally from Mexico and for the most part; I grew up in Boyle Heights. 

My spiritual awakening happened a few years ago while taking a course called Mastery In Transformational Training. During an exercise my soul spoke and said I wanted to be a healer. A magical friend named Bear said yes to me and gifted me the Reiki Certifications. The second level of Reiki opened up my intuition profoundly. My soul started revealing its gifts of mediumship, Shamanic chants, communicating with plants, animals and with the earth. I have been fine tuning these gifts and still am. I am called to serve this world and it’s beings who choose to heal. I consider myself a light worker that will guide with light, no judgement, safety and love. I’ve worked with individuals, couples, groups, children and animals. I will be leading a course in Intuitive Crystal Grids for this retreat. 


"Ashley Sperber is an intuitive transformation coach that inspires her clientele to achieve balance through mindful nourishment.  In her private practice, Ashley combines her skilled training along with her developed intuition to create personalized programs that facilitate her client’s transformations. After earning her bachelors degree at UNH, Ashley has since acquired certifications in: Integrative Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Western Herbalism, Emotional Freedom Technique, 200hr Yoga TT, and is now a Reiki Master. Ashley’s intuitive abilities enable her to target the root cause of imbalances in the body, and how to support others in their healing journey. She believes that once we break free of the holding patterns we confine ourselves to, we can live a freeing and fulfilling existence with ourselves and each other."   


Contact Alicia Buivis at 847-280-1160 for further questions.

PayPal retreats costs to

  • Retreat Costs are refundable for any covid travel restrictions up to 30 day in advance. 

  • This includes all activities, meals, superfoods, wellness classes and sleeping arrangements, airfair not included in price.

  • Come create lifelong connections and build a relationship with a community of individuals who believe in showing up as their best self.

  • 10% of retreat cost will be donated to assist in the rebuild of Key West coral reefs. Join Earth Clubs virtual  coral reef restoration project starting 1-10-21 AND to be ongoing for the New Moon in 2021.