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In this webinar you will learn how to identify where you show up from fear over love, pinpoint what beliefs keep you stuck in unwanted cycles and gain an understanding of the importance of having healthy boundaries.


Join a community that is devoted to living each day with self love as the foundation. Identify what you need to win to reconnect with the mind and body to reframe your thoughts, actions, beliefs. You no longer need to be defined from your past experiences. Change your perspective and watch your TRUTH reflect what it truly means to cultivate compassion and healthy boundaries in all your relationships. See beyond the stories of the overwhelm, separation and the victim mindset. 


Alicia is a special person and I highly recommend her.  Her ability to be flexible, up for anything, a leader, and a supporter is unmatched.  I have worked with her for 6 months with one on one coaching and am about to sign up for more. She is inspiring and has a magnetic personality.  You would be lucky to have her on your side as you venture towards transformation. I went through a well rounded transformation that encompassed mental health, joy, fuel for my body, and becoming my best balanced self. 

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