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Yoga is a great practice for all ages. Are you seeking an alternative approach to mental health and physical well-being. Explore a practice that creates union within the mind and body. 


Trauma informed yoga is a powerful asana sequence that helps create a safe space to explore self regulation in the present moment. Trauma-sensitive yoga helps you learn to calm the mind and regulate the physical responses and, thus, your emotions. You are able to learn to recognize and tolerate physical sensations and thereby regain a feeling of safety inside your bodies. 

Chair yoga is a practice safe for seniors or those who have mobility concerns to explore their bodies needs. Partake in simple postures that build flexibility and endurance in the joints, ligaments and key muscle groups. Alleviate tension, enhance mental focus and improve breath awareness with this 60 minute practice. 

Vinyasa yoga supports in building stamina, strength, increased flexibility and mobility through a power flow by using a variety if standing, balancing and seated postures.

Yin yoga is a great practice to help target the fascia tissue. This style of yoga helps on create a sense of connection to easing into the temporary discomfort as you hold poses up to 3-5 minutes. You will use a variety of props such as bolsters, blankets, yoga straps and blocks throughout the seated sequence. Relax the mind, body and breath as you gently restore tension and emotional stressors that get stagnant in the deep muscle tissue. 

Through mindfulness and self care one can notice significant benefits such as reduced pain, improved balance and a still mind. A still mind leads to a relaxed body. Ease into the process working through specific trigger points for your specific all overall well-being. Modifications and variations provided for any limited mobility or other concerns. 


$120 for single sessions or ongoing class packages available 



Meditation encourages one to move from the head and into the heart. When we sit within the inner-void of the mind, body and soul we take time to recharge. Meditation is a practice that gives you permission to never pour from an empty cup. It's essential to practice daily  so that you begin to train the mind and body to be still. To meet, love and accept all parts of you. This is great way to come back to nuetral in the midst of everuday life, ease tension, anxiety and promote mental clarity and focus. I see meditation as an opportunity to pause. Just like we update our technology, what are you doing to upgrade your mindset? 



Pilates: 60 Minutes - Builds strength, improves flexibility, balance, inner awareness through breathing and developing core strength. Pilates is a powerful practice for building the pelvic floor, tone and strengthening the key muscle groups. Increase flexibility within the ligaments, mind and body. Enjoy this 60 minute power hour for the chakras. 


Bootcamp : 60 Minutes - A combination of power yoga, Pilates & kettlebells. Builds strength, endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning. This class builds a booty, tones your core, balances and foundation. 


HIIT : 60 Minutes - High Interval Cardio training, focus on isolated movements in between cardio hits to maximize a full body work out. Build stanima in the cardio vascular system with fitness practice